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Why does it seem that people are reluctant to make fun of President Obama?

Asked by josie (30931points) August 13th, 2010

I am not real old, but I am old enough to be aware of an almost sacred American tradition, whereby comedians who are skillful impressionists imitate the president’s voice and mannerisms in a fashion that makes the president seem like a comical character (an appropriate thing to do, in my opinion, to every president). I have heard recordings of people doing JFK and Lyndon Johnson. Nixon was clearly a target. On reruns of Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase makes fun of Gerald Ford falling down and I saw a terrific SNL rerun of Dan Akroyd doing Jimmy Carter. Lots of people did a great Ronald Reagan. The guy on SNL did a fabulous Bush 41. Even I could do Bill Clinton’s Arkansas drawl. Bush 44’s ridiculous malapropisms were a great target. And Obama has his own little quirks-“Let me be clear….” and the way he rotates left and right when he speaks etc. But I do not see people imitating him and making fun of him the way that it occured in the past. I admit, I do not watch much TV anymore, so maybe I am missing something. But I just do not get the impression (no pun intended) that people are making fun of this guy the way that they should. Have people lost their sense of humor? Have people forgotten that a president is just another shabby politician in a black suit and red tie? (That would be sad and dangerous). Help me out please.

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I think only here in Flutherland are people reluctant to poke fun at the Barackster. Saturday Night Live has had some stellar jabs at our Prez…
This one goes right for the jugular XD

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I don’t agree. I think there are many jokes going around about the POTUS. There may not be as many as with past presidents, but I think given time it will be more prevelent. I get plenty in my email and via iPhone.

Ummm come to think of it, maybe they aren’t so much jokes as derogatory statements. I’ll have to look into the matter.

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Okay here goes. He resembles what Gollum would look like. If indeed he were black.

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I have seen no dearth of jokes about and imitations of the President. Here is one. Here is another.

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I am not afraid to, I think he is an idiot and make fun of him on a daily basis. Sometimes hourly.

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@AmWiser Speaking of POTUS…how can we leave out TOTUS when looking for grins and giggles??

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You can make fun of his policies and stuff, but it’s hard to make fun of his appearance or the way he talks or something.

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He’s too cool.

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Nobody’s reluctant, they just need material to work with. When there’s something that can be made fun of, people do it. He’s just not as much of a scandal-ridden cad/raging moron as presidents of the recent past.

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I’m not reluctant, I think he’s a lying dush bag. Any changes he’s made were for the worse. I can’t wait until he’s gone. And I’m surprised. I can’t say what i’m surprised about, I’ll end up like the radio guy from w a a f. But i think you all get the hint.

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@daytonamisticrip Really? All changes?

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Big O doesn’t do enough TV. You can catch him on the WH YouTube channel, but I think he’s overestimating the reach of New Media.

He does a pretty good job of poking fun at himself.

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Obama pronounces his words correctly and doesn’t have any extreme mannerisms.
That’s what all of the Bush jokes were about.

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His skin colour presents a non-trivial hurdle.
For example, when people drew pictures of Bush comparing him to an ape, it was immediately obvious that it was about his personal lack of intelligence, because he was white and white people are not generally compared to apes in a racial fashion.
However, when people do this with Obama, it becomes more likely to be directed at his race, because that is what racists frequently do, compare black people to apes and monkeys.

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You should come to my house then. I’ll go to my mom and be like “Mom, will you take my to the naval base? I really want to meet a cute, nice navy corpsman.” I pronounce it like corpse man instead of pronouncing it as obama did during one of his speeches. My mom and I will literally laugh for a while.

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I think Obama is a bigger idiot than Bush. He is just polished. If you listen to what he actually says… he’s a dumbass.

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@mowens I can’t disagree with you more. Can you give an example without generalizing?

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Reluctant? Half my e-mails, (and I get a few) are cracks about Obama.

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Reluctant? It is obvious from this question (and this is a mere fraction of it) that making fun of him is alive and well.

Making fun of the POTUS is a long standing American tradition. Bush got it, Obama gets it, whoever comes next is going to get it… and it hardly started with Bush.

Each one gets it for a different thing… but they all get it.

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Yeah, I have to agree with most people on here. He is made fun of a lot. Especially those who are on the republican side. I’m like Chaz. I get a lot of emails joking about him. obama

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Especially those who are on the republican side.

I dunno, the Dems do a pretty good job of making fun of him. And they’re more amusing, too.

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@MacBean True. But I was referring to some of my republican friends who send me streams of jokes. Some are funny, like the one I put in the link, but most are not so funny.
But lets face it some are just too amazingly funny. You have to love all the words Bush made up. And his lost confused gaze when he was asked a tough question.

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@Pandora Yeah, I poke fun at politicians regardless of party affiliation. I keep up with politics for the entertainment value because… if I don’t laugh at it, I’d probably cry.

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A trillion dollar Heath care reform, raising taxes in a time when they shouldn’t be, printing off money to bail out whomever, and extending unemployment to name a few. I’m half asleep sure I forgot something. I am happy he increased border patrols, but still think we need more.

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The mods. Once I said his hair turned gray since he went into office and my answer was removed. Go figure.

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There’s no problem with fun. There’s a problem with excessive unjust insults. I think Barack Obama is a guy who even enjoys making fun of himself. At least I had the impression when I read his book ‘The Audacity of Hope’. While he’s helping to propose Iran get rid of nuclear weapon capabilities, he calls his wife to discuss the positive steps and Michelle tells him to bring home ant traps, she’s found ants coming into the kitchen and bathroom. Hilarious.

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@jfos I can go on if you’d like, I was about to go to sleep and that’s all I felt like typing. :)

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@mowens You didn’t prove that he a) is an idiot, b) that he is a bigger idiot than Bush, or c) he is a dumbass if listened to closely

All you did was list loaded topics.

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@jfos Neither of us will win this. You say loaded topics, I say very strong points. :)

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@mowens The president isn’t the divine supreme leader. The Senate and the House of Representatives do have some pull in lawmaking.

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Remember when he went to the republicans to discuss healthcare reform and other topics?
I watched the entire thing, listened to everything he had to say. He was brilliant.
In fact, he was so good that Faux news quit airing it in the middle because it completely destroyed their narrative

A trillion dollar Heath care reform” <—- Necessary and long overdue, but not nearly going far enough. (Even Nixon’s proposal went farther than what Obama managed to pass)

raising taxes in a time when they shouldn’t be” <—In fact, Obama’s stimulus packacke included tax cuts for middle and lower class people. you never hear about those from the right though, goes against their narative

printing off money to bail out whomever” <—failed businesses (especially major economic components that employ millions of people, and banks that provide the funding for most companies, thus causing more businesses to fail) = more unemployed people = less people buying things = economic decline. Basic economics.

and extending unemployment to name a few.” <—extending unemployment benefits = more money for people to spend on things = improving economic recovery. Basic economics.

Here are some examples of what you can fault him for though:
– continued pandering and making major concessions to the right in order to get their support, after all he got from them, every single time, was in uniso obstructionism.
– basically saying that the US can and will do whatever it wants to protect and further its interests at the reception of his Nobel Peace Prize. He certainly deserves to be punched for this. In the face. Hard.
– passing a health care reform that did not nearly go far enough (because of the aforementioned pointless concessions to republicans)
– breaking his promise of more transparency, especially in military, intelligence and anti terrorism matters. In fact, according to an article I read, the US is doing more secret military operations than before.
– the surge in Afghanistan
– not advancing the goal of nationwide legalisation of gay marriage
– increasing the military budget to a staggering 723.000.000.000 for 2011
– allowing information and concessions gained from torture to be used at trial

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