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What's the farthest you've ever driven? Did you enjoy it?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) August 15th, 2010

I drove over 2000 miles this summer, all over the southern US. I debated flying, but I’m glad I didn’t.
I feel like it was therapeutic to be alone in a car, just thinking…and there was so much to see and photograph. I thought I hated driving long distances until now.
So what’s the farthest you’ve ever driven? Did you like it? What did you pack?

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775 miles Lakeport, Michigan to N. Carolina.

It was beautiful as we got to see the Appalachian mountains.

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@jjmah That’s where I drove, too! :)

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I have driven back and forth across the United States maybe half a dozen times. I love it.

One of our favorite things to do is driving around.

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I love road trips. I prefer that over flying. You get to see more of the country this way, and you get to meet interesting people.

My longest trip was from San Luis Obispo, Ca to central Illinois. We made the trip in three days. Two weeks after arriving in Illinois, I drove to Washington D.C., then up to NYC, then back to Illinois. I basically drove across the US and a third of the way back in three weeks time. That was a summer I’ll never forget!

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1,975 miles is my longest, I guess. Not counting various detours and whatever. Actually, I’ve made the trip a few times. I have no problem driving long distances by myself. In fact, I’d love to drive from NYC to CA one day.

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Like @marinelife I’ve cross-country toured many times. I loved throwing the dog and the camping gear in the back of my car and taking off. I’d camp in National or State Parks, or stay with friends good thing they all liked my dog! sing way too loud to my favorite road tunes and be awed by the vastness of the USA. I find it soothing and renewing.

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@JilltheTooth I thought about that on this trip. How big and diverse America’s landscape is…and I wondered what it looked like before any of us were here. It got reallll deep, maannnn. :)

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I drove from Kansas to Ohio, then Pennsylvania, then to Baltimore, then to Delaware, and then back to Kansas. I stayed one day in Ohio, a week in PA, 4 days in Baltimore, and then a little over a week in DE. That made my driving a bit spaced out. In total, it was over 3000 miles. I have done the drive from Kansas to DE and back before and I think it’s boring now. I need to find a new path to take the next time I make that drive. I really like driving over flying. It’s nice to see different parts of the country and be able to stop when I want (when I’m not on a timeline).

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Drove from New Hampshire to Idaho while in the Army. I don’t remember the mileage but it took two days of 14 hour driving, most of which through wheat and cattle country. Serious boredom.

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JGPF I already know your answer!!!

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@SundayKittens hey, we were just talking about this! Well, I’ll share with everybody else then. :)

3,700 miles, totaling 57 hours, in a 5 day span, all by myself. It was amazing! It was really no problem at all, as I brought my camera and plenty of tunes. I feel like I can drive anywhere now.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities That’s what got me thinking about it! That and plotting my next adventure.

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417,6 miles
In ‘88 i drove with two friends to Munich, Germany to watch the final between Holland and Russia in the European Championship Football.
I was the only driver and with my old Ford Escort it took us about 12 hours.
I thought it was a quite impressive distance but when i read the others’ mileages, i am a noob.

Edit: You asked whether we enjoyed our trips: Yes, i did, but only because we won the final, the driving (alone) not so much, only when we entered the Dutch border it got joyful, since then the roads were full of in orange clothed fellow Dutch people who cheered all the cars and coaches that came back to Holland.
The celebration party afterwards in Amsterdam was cool too!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities 3,700 miles? What part of “anywhere” do you have left?

I’ve driven from New Jersey to Texas a few times, taking different routes. When I was a kid the family drove from New Jersey to Las Vegas, NV. And that was sometime in the 70s.

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@mrentropy Were y’all ready to murder each other at the end of that trip??? I’m imagining “Family Vacation”...but to Vegas.

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Just over 2,000 miles for me.

I drove down through Europe from the UK for a family camping holiday at Lake Garda.

Tiring but worth it.

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@mrentropy Actually, I’ve never been East of the Mississippi River. I still have a lot of traveling to do.

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Chicago to San Diego and Chicago to Key west both 1,700 + milers one way! For the most part hated….hated that first day of driving….same flat nothingness for over 10 hours. Didn’t pack much but a cooler of pop and snacks.

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I’ve been all over the U.S. in cars but the longest planned drive to drive from Arizona to Georgia in two days.

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I have driven from North Dakota to California. That’s the farthest.

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I drove about 550 miles from the Bay Area to Las Vegas. It was a little dull through the Mojave Desert, but it was still fun. My boyfriend drove on the way back, so I’ve never driven any further than 550 miles.

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In college, I drove with friends from Indiana to Texas three times. The first couple of trips were to Killeen to visit a friend whose husband was stationed there. The third time was for spring break in South Padre. I loved all of those road trips, just seeing different places and having fun with girlfriends along the way. The trip to South Padre was the best. We stayed with friends in Houston on the way there and back, and also spent a day in Galveston. We ended up taking an extra day in Houston so had to drive straight through to Evansville, IN (about 18 hours) so we could get to class the next day. The best part was also the stupidest thing we did: Buying a six pack when we stopped for lunch in Arkansas and finishing it off while we drove. I think the only way to experience Arkansas is while semi-intoxicated. I don’t remember what we packed, other than lots of music (the good old days of making your own mix tapes!), soda, and snacks.

More recently, we drove from CT to SC this past spring with our kids. That was about 18 hours as well. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We filled the center console of the Suburban we rented with snacks and juice boxes and packed a bag of toys, crayons, sketch pads, and books for each of the kids. We took along the portable DVD player but ended up using it only once or twice for the entire trip. It was great because now we won’t hesitate to make a trip like that again, and driving was much cheaper than buying plane tickets for five people.

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Two and one’half million miles. 44 years in a police car. and yes, i kept up with the miles i had driven in those years. two and one half million miles. in at least eight different makes of police vehicles and styles.

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I’ve driven from Pennsylvania straight to San Francisco before. Thats about 45 hours. Not sure of the mileage, but it’s really not a fun drive. Colorado is the only fun part. So worth it though.

This summer my boyfriend and I spent six weeks all over the southwestern US and up into the northern states too. We probably did about 4000 miles total. This country is so beautiful.

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@john65pennington : I bnow to the miles-miester! Did I spell that rite? ;-)

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From ND to NC and back in 3 days. I helped my brother move, and had to get back in time for my job. I think it was 1838 miles one way, once the side trips to the relatives were figured in.

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Not the longest, but most interesting car trip was in the mid 80s. I was stationed in Germany, near Munich and had a desire to see Paris. I drove a 2CV there and back. Everything but mopeds passed me on the roads.

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I love road trips. I haven’t taken too many lately, but in 1996 we drove from Atlanta to Denver, in a Ford Escort (driven by the wife) and a moving van (driven by yours truly), a distance of about 1400 miles. Other road trips I’ve taken were Chicago area to New Orleans, Illinois to Minnesota (several times, by brother lived in Minneapolis), Illinois to Omaha, and a couple round trips to California, which I ended both times by hitching back to Illinois.
many, many stories to tell…

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Texas to NY. Long drive but I loved it passing through so many unfamiliar towns, cities and burps in the road.

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@SundayKittens I honestly don’t remember. There are only a few things I remember about it. Seeing the Rocky Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Casa Bonito(?) Restaurant in Colorado, staying at the Circus Circus, some other hotel we almost stayed at having a gas leak… Probably more would come to me if I think about it, but I don’t know about murdering each other.

@Austinlad Did you go North then East, Northeast, or East then North?

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446 miles in one go…took me eight hours & that’s with a thirty minute break & a fuel stop…

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@mrentropy fuck yeah! casa bonita! majorly subpar food, but cliff divers?! anything featured in south park is worth seeing.

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1700 miles Western NY to Key West, FL. I absolutely loved it. I did it in 2½ days. Driving at night and sleeping when I felt like it, then moving on. Eating at Waffle House.
Fireworks at Pedro’s South of the Border at 2 in the morning.. .Magic.

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NH to Atlanta GA and back on a three-day weekend. It wasn’t much fun, partly because my mother-in-law was in the back seat, partly because my brother-in-law was with us on the return trip, but mostly since i was the only driver.

I slept for almost 20 hours straight after we got home. Hallucinating is not fun!

BTW, is it a bad sign when you pull into a police station to ask for directions to a particular address and they tell you to just follow them since they are heading out there right now anyways?

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It depends…There is the one-way 750 mile drive to Mom’s that is done 1–2x a year and on my own. It takes 11 hours. Once I’m on the road, I love it. A book or two on CD from Cracker Barrel and keeping track of the different U.S. state and Canadian providence license plates help the time pass.

On the other hand, I used to be out on the road for two weeks straight at a time when inspecting hotels. With only 12 of us to cover the whole U.S. and inspecting a different hotel each day, there were a lot of miles racked up during a trip.

As for packing, I’ve learned to keep it light. laundry can easily be done on the road. A toiletry bag is kept stocked at all times with duplicates of whatever I need on a daily basis. My favorite story though doesn’t belong to me…A recently married co-worker would pack a t-shirt that had her husband’s cologne sprinkled on it and stored in a large zip-lock bag. She’d put it on at nights while she worked on typing up her reports.

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@worriedguy : In my youth I drove from NJ to Fla often…always a stop at South of the Border! I’d forgotten all about that…wow…what memories!

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@JilltheTooth On Friday I had a case of case of the nostalgias and looked up South of the Border. I’ve only been there once but it was fun.

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The glow on the horizon as you reach Pedro’s is unforgettable. It is the middle of the night. There all sorts of strange people are walking around on this island of space.. It is cool out with a perfectly clear dark sky. Every kind of kitsch known to man is for sale. In a 100 yard walk you can pass shops selling every form of erectile aid, bladed weapons, and martial arts junk. Get a tattoo and eat greasy junk food. It is a modern day oasis.

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2700 miles with one rest stop nap and one night in a hotel.

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Detroit,Mi to Kitty Hawk,N.C.
I LOVED it! :)

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My ex-wife and I drove from Utica, ( upstate )New York to Beaumont, Texas ( on the Gulf of Mexico ), about 1,700 miles as I recall, in three days. But the really noteworthy thing about the trip was that we had our five kids with us in a Dodge van! Eeeeek!

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The furthest I’ve travelled in one single road journey is Manchester to Nairn (near Inverness) 380 miles.

Yeah the UK isn’t very big.

When I went to the US we travelled from New York, via Washington DC, to a place in the Appalachian mountains near Hancock in Maryland. I always thought that was further but I just looked it up and it’s only 314 miles.

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By myself – 997 miles from Central Georgia to Western New York via the Atlanta airport. I did it in two days. The first part of the trip included a stop at the Atlanta airport to hang out with my best friend. She had a 3 hour layover on her way to San Francisco so I surprised her by meeting her at her gate. It was 1987, you could still do that. I pushed on from there to almost Cincinnati. i realize that if I got into Ohio, I would be tempted to keep going. Glad I stopped as I could barely walk when I got out of the car. Totally stiff legs!

With 3 friends from college – 1177 miles. We drove from NE Ohio to Orlando for spring break. We were going to take 4 hour shifts of sleeping and driving. First person drove her 4 hours, went to the back seat and clonked out. I drove next, with my roommate having the job of “keeping me awake.” She clonked out after two hours. I drove from Cincinnati to almost Atlanta myself – 8 hours. Well, me and the truckers on I-75! Thank heaven for Pepsi and Doritos.

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We recently drove over 1100 miles from southern Alberta, Canada to southwestern Oregon, USA in 27 hours of driving.

Two years ago we visited 26 National Parks and Monuments in the States of Montana, Utah, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington over a 6 week period, a trip of over 6600 miles.
We took over 4500 photographs and stayed in most Motel 6s than we can count.

We love to travel by car. We just need free access to gasoline!

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@JilltheTooth and @worriedguy When we went to SC, all those billboards leading up to (down to?) South of the Border cracked us up! We didn’t stop, but on the way home I did get a picture of the giant sombrero. We’re hoping to go again for spring break this year, and maybe we’ll work in a visit to see what all the fuss is about!

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@MissAusten : It’s classic schtick, fascinating in sort of a creepy neon kinda way…enjoy!

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@CaptainHarley We drove from Chicago to Key West, 1,700 miles, 2½ days with 2 parents, 5 kids and all your luggage in a roof top carrier in a Ford Station wagon…HS that is serious traveling pain!

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Definitely! We must have been masochists! LOL!

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500 miles, but with at least one overnight, and sometimes two overnight, depending on how tired I was, and on how excitable my three grandsons were. I used to pick them up every Christmas and Spring holiday, and summer vacation of the school year, for about 10 years.

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One memorable trip I did not mention earlier was Austin, TX to Allegheny Nat’l Forest in PA, in 1986. It was a trip to the Rainbow Gathering that year. Not an especially long trip, miles-wise, but there were ten of us, 6 adults and 4 children, in a modified step-van that did not want to run correctly, and actually caught fire (little damage) in a small town in W. Va. during a firefighters parade!.

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We plan on driving to the Carlisle PA car show in late September. It’s only a 700 mile round trip, but we’re doing it in a 73 year old Packard.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land aww Carlisle is somewhat near where I grew up and my grandpa used to loooooove that car show!! It was an annual highlight. Sniffle

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

@deni It’s loads of fun. We have our little Packard mafia to keep us in spare parts.

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