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Who is your role model?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 17th, 2010

Who do you follow after, act like, look up too, and completely adore??

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my mom. she just does everything. she makes maple syrup and spins her own yarn and farms animals and gardens and makes cheese and is the greatest parent i could ever want!

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Honestly, that’s a hard question for me to answer….I don’t really know if I look up to someone if it’s a character from a Movie or video game that’s different. But I do look up to my mom and sisters, though I don’t want to be like them. But I look up to Balto I guess if he works. And as long as Simba’s around too XP. I look up to a lot of people and animals that aren’t real. But I don’t look up to anyone in reality except my family, I would follow my own foot steps.

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I don’t think one person has ever embodied the principles that I value. I glean ideas from almost everyone I come across, every book I read, and every TV show or movie I watch. The sum of the ideas I think are the most valuable forms my ideal, but I am yet to find a person who lives by these ideals.

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Jack Kerouac.

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I look up to my mom no matter how many problems we have. I think all single moms or single fathers, who provide for their kids, deserve to be looked up to..

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I try not to look up to anyone. Everyone has their flaws.

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I sometimes ask this question within a training environment to elicit from people what some of their values are, so they can recognise them.

One of my favourite answers was from a guy who said he didn’t have one particular role model. It would depend where he was in his life and what he was trying to deal with.

He would then choose a role model that had the best qualities to deal with the given set of circumstances and then try to emulate those.

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My late wife, Meghan. She came out of a horribly abusive situation, one that would have ruined a lesser person’s life. It took her five years to physically heal, longer emotionally. Meg not only confronted and defeated the PTSD demons, but changed her course of study to psychology so that she could help others. Meg diagnosed my Aspergers Syndrome and helped me devise coping strategies, very difficult with an adult diagnosis. Dozens of women who were victims of physical, emotion and sexual abuse were helped by Meg.

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There’s a few people I’ve met in my life that I admire greatly. They’ve taught me invaluable lessons and imparted great wisdom. Some of those people have died and there’s a couple living. There’s something wonderful about looking up to people, but I try not to put anyone on a pedestal. We all have flaws and we all have our own battles.
I do admire anyone who has come through the many painful difficulties that are a part of life and have had the courage to learn and grow. They’re probably the greatest role models to me.
I admire my mum hugely and all single parents out there, fair play!

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I’ve never felt that I’ve had a role model, per se. When I was growing up and was left without a constant female presence, I did watch a lot of I Love Lucy and I feel like that’s had a definate influence in my life. I do look up to my mother because she’s stubborn and a fighter and it’s nice to see where I get it from. :) My grandmother because she’s figured out that balance between being a pushover and being firm. That and I get spoiled at her house. My best friend Valerie because she’s always got things figured out and keeps clam. I wish I was like that most days. And Tina Fey. :)

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I’m my role model. Don’t get me wrong, that is not a pompous statement, but if i screw up, it is all on me.

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@BoBo1946 I can agree with that, I’ve never been into role models myself. I never wanted to be like anyone else but I always wanted to be the first me. If I had to pick one it would be my deceased brother, dad and grandfather. (3 way tie here).

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Wow…sorry to hear that @Jabe73! You had to be an independent person. You had no choice. Same here.

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I am like my mother in so many ways. Caring, lots of empathy, helpful. I am like my dad thrifty, good under pressure, and I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. ( My dad was a salesman,) So I guess my parents.

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you are a very lucky person.

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Definately my dad. He was a model of integrity and community involvement, and taught me that I could anything he could do. When I was younger he meant that literally, so I had to be pretty creative to figure out how to match a 6’3” tall strong man…(I’ve never been over 5’2”). Yay, Dad! Gone 4 years, still miss him every day.

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I have several:

Dr. Ida McMichael, who fostered 300 at-risk kids from 1969 until she died in 200, some of them to adulthood. And she wasn’t rich, let me tell you. She advocated all over the world so that kids who needed foster care got it.

My friend A, who is traversing life with two profoundly autistic kids and a wife with MS. He remains cheerful and grateful for everything. He works hard and he just shows people love. Even the people we both knew that I’d grumble about, he’d have empathy for and remind me that everyone, no matter how it looks from the outside, has a tough row to hoe.

Michael Palin, who is not only a funny, kind man, but is also a person who has travelled the world not just because he likes travelling, though I’m sure it’s a part of it, but is doing his bit and using his voice to foster understanding between peoples and open minds.

I’m sure there’s others, but I’ll not take up so much room!

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I have several people I look up to.

My mom because of the love she provided to my brother and me while we were growing up. We can have our fights, but I still know she loves me and that she always will. I hope my children grow up knowing the same thing.

My first preceptor as a nurse (Denise). She taught me a lot about real world nursing (compared to nursing school nursing). She was always there for me when I had a question and I can still go to her to this day if I have a question.

One of my first charge nurses (Emily). She showed me how to truly be a great charge nurse. Whenever I was in the role of charge nurse, I aimed to be more like her than the other charge nurses I’ve known. She had a way of keeping things fun, even when we were having the worst shifts ever. That is important when you spend 12 + hours a day with the same group of people.

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My mother!, My grandparents. Because they all have raised me into being a good person that I am now.

Thank you Grannie’s and Mum-dad
because he has never taken care or help my mother with anything:/

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There are people I greatly admire for their achievements, but I don’t necessarily want do the same things that they did. An example is Greg Mortenson, after reading Three Cups of Tea.

Role models, in my mind, are people who have behaviors that I value and would like to do better myself. They are people in my life who display a positive example of a particular behavior that can be observed and experienced on a regular basis. Mom is my role model for being responsible, Dad is my role model for looking at each person as an individual, a sister on how to be giving person, and a former boss on how to treat people in a managerial position.

Two of the four passed away; the supervisor I haven’t seen in years. But they are still role models for me when I need their guidance.

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I don’t have a role model.

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I don’t have a role model.

Don’t know how else to say it.

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Impossible to single out only one person as my roll model. I’ve looked up to and learned from many, many men and women throughout my life, including my parents and other relatives, bosses, co-workers, friends, one particular girlfriend, clients, public figures, movie characters, actors and directors, and the list goes on. And thank God for them all.

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It was my Mom. Right, now, it’s my sister (her inner strength is unreal).

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I’ve never had a role model. I’ve always done my own thing, and it’s worked out well so far.
But I do very much admire my mother.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You’re a pretty good role model.

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My grandfather who’s now deceased. He was a fair person, patient and compassionate even where he didn’t necessarily agree. He embraced life and lived as he wanted but within his means so that he owed no one and had a lot to share with his loved ones.

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I don’t really have a role model.I just picked ideas from everyone around me and I added a few from myself and I created myself some kind of a pattern to follow in life.
Most important idea:“Think outside the box”

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@BoBo1946 You’re a swell role model! GA

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@stardust thank you my friend.

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A combination of Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Oscar Wilde, Galileo, and my father.

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