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What does 'Love' mean to you?

Asked by gypsywench (1631points) August 17th, 2010

What is your definition of love? What does it mean to truly love someone?

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I think. Well.
This is a hard one.
It’s just so subjective now-a-days.

As far as “loving” your significant other, my definition would be to describe it as having a rope attached to the one you love. (not in the sense of ownership) It’s like in a way that you’re connected & you just feel it & you can only have this connection with this one person. Idk. That’s just me.

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Love is…
Being patient with him/her
Being kind
Responding caring and not selfish
Knowing you cant live with out the person
Adoring the person
Being helpful

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Love is bonding that is based on commitments & or self interests.

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Here are some very recent threads that asked the same question:



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Its just a second hand emotion.

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Well since I’m still young I’ll give my current definition of Love.

To me….Love…. Love it something that should be cherished and always adored. You need to know how to love, and be loved. You need to know how to sacrifice yourself into the other to become one. Support one another through tough situations. Being able to trust one another that when you see your significant other with a friend that he/she won’t do anything with him/her. It’s an emotion that’s another language that can’t be taught in the eyes or mouths of others. It is something that you will find.

I think that’s it for me definition, I think there would be more to me, just that I ran out of how else to describe it. I hope this answers your question. I like it and it’s a good one to ask. It got me thinking on how much people don’t love these days. It’s filled with lies and what people think of others, war…hate….It’s a disaster… Again good question! It’s not just a feeling it’s like a language.

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Animal attraction.

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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
1 Corinthians 13:4

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To me, love means that another persons happiness and well-being are at least as important to me as my own.

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A feeling of emptiness when you are not with them & butterflies in your stomach when you meet up again

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Love is a telephone which always keeps silent when you are longing for a call, but rings when you are not ready for it. As a result, we often miss the sweetness from the other end.

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Unconditional. Hard to explain.

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Love is an empty wallet & the wife’s wardrobe full of dresses ;¬} or should that be :¬(

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My love for my husband makes me feel complete.If that makes any sense.

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@BoBo1946 Thankyou kind sir… I think perhaps you know that feeling then??!!

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Right now, for me, love (with my husband) is enduring separations and knowing that it’s all worth it because we will be together again in the future. It means knowing that even though my other half is halfway across the world, he is also here with me in other ways. It means watching other couples have their moments and knowing that ours will come soon. It’s never ending support, compassion, caring, hoping, wanting, and sharing. Most of all, it’s a deep connection that we only share with each other.

Love (with my family) is support, giving, caring, compassion, and knowing that we are all there for each other when we can be and that even when we can’t physically be there for each other, we would still do everything we could to help each other.

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It’s the golden ray of sunshine that brightens my day.
It’s what made the little train that couldn’t, did.
It keeps us together and breaks our heart.
It’s what we need to get our start.

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Saying it’s “no biggie” (and meaning it) that they already lost something special you just gave them 2 hours earlier and being able to laugh about it! ;)

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Love is a very misunderstood word. Love isn’t only between family and significant others. When you love someone it means you would risk or give your life to protect them. Love means you’d take a journey of a thousand miles to see them. Love means you would take a tour threw Hell for them. Love is not represented by marriage or by kissing. Love means you would put them before you.

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Someone you believe in, give your trust, condidance, energy and vulnerability to.

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