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If you were going to take a class to learn one thing , what would it be?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) August 17th, 2010

I have been thinking, I have another year at being homemaker. I want to take a class one day a week I would like to get out of the house, and to have interaction with other adults. My husband said it is a good idea. I am thinking ceremics.I thought to myself, I’d probably make a whole bunch of ashtrays, or more nickknacks ,which I don’t need. I thought of , I’ll learn Spanish. I could be able to talk to my neighbor . What would you take?

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Learn Spanish. I took it in HS but it didn’t work.

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Astronomy. I’m in love the whole universe.
unfortunately, I’ve been trying to get an Astronomy class for the past year and a half, but it has never worked with the rest of my class schedules.

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If i had a neighbor who spoke spanish i would learn it. This way here i have a stronger connection. You never know, if your house caught fire they could be the ones to call 911 for you.

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Japanese. So I could watch and read raw anime and manga.

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If I could go back to education (which maybe possible soon) I would train to be a vetenary nurse. However, if we are talking about classes that are only a couple of hours a week then I would love to do some kind of history class, I just haven’t decided what part of history I would like to study because I am interested in all of it.

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Physics. It fascinates me and I know so little about it.

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Painting – I have hit a dry spell and a good class would get me inspired.

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How to eliminate teachers unions.

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I took a sign language course, goodness, 10 years ago now. It was wonderful, and so rewarding. Unfortunately I haven’t made use of it since, which is a crime really. My sister’s just done the same course and I’ve forgotten so much.

I looked into a Juggling evening class recently, and also tap dance! I just wanted to try something completely different and take the opportunity to meet people I wouldn’t otherwise come across. Sadly, not may others agreed with me as the courses were cancelled before they started!

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Furniture making…and quick! I need an armoire immediately!

Take ceramics! It’s a blast!
I am a potter and I know this :)

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@harple Juggling . WOW They actually have a class.

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@Frenchfry yeah, I was so excited! Unfortunately not enough people signed up! I have a friend in another part of the country who is learning though, and loving it… apparently it’s really addictive!

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@harple I can imagine juggling eggs when yu make breakfast.LOL

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Art, or music (i love and play the fute) :)

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A class to increase my French skills to some level of fluency. A Hebrew class to improve my (very rudimentary) speaking skills. Another ceramics class, ‘cause it is lots of fun and I can make gifts for people. An exercise class, if my gym had them.

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second language

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I would love to learn more about computers. Technology is constantly changing and I’d like to be a part of it.

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@BratLady I could use that one too.

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I have taken a lot of classes because there is always something to learn. Spanish is a great idea as is the sign language. Pottery is great and more then ash trays, you can design planters or dinner sets. After Spanish and Pottery you can take photography, cooking, French cooking, interior design, floral design, basic auto repair, theatrical make up. I have taken all these and more, caligraphy, computer, costume design. So pick one and get started, you’ve got a lot of “learn’in” to do.

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