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Do you have tricks or suggestions for dealing with disappointment?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30950points) August 18th, 2010

I’m active in community theater, and a play I had a part in was recently cancelled. Since I was an integral part in the publicity, I had to be the one to deliver the bad news. I had to call the newspaper. I had to paste the cancellation all over Facebook where it was liberally advertised. I had to contact the greater theater community in my area, and I will have to explain what happened to the board of directors of the non-profit theater organization what happened.

How do you deal with severe set backs? How do you handle disappointment? What do you do with the sadness?

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Get a punching bag.they’re great ;)

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expect it…. and remember everyone deals with it. It is a part of living in the crazy world. When it comes my way, it makes me that more determined. Disappointment either pulls you down and steps on you or you step on it. As my old coach said, “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going!” The sun does not shine on the same dog’s ass everyday. Eventually, it will be my day.

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With the years you get used to it. So you rationalize which works quite well. examples: “My flight to Hawaii was cancelled but it won’t stop raining there” or “My flight to Key West is out; I can’t go. But that’s for the best because dengue fever is coming out of the keys.” Which is true. I don’t remember the last time I was on an airplane.

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I just expect bad things to happen to some degree.

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Just stick with the facts, don’t make up stories in your mind about why something shouldn’t have happend, why it is bad, wrong, unfair, whatever.

There is a saying I love…

‘Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.’

In other words, shit happens but it’s the mind story that causes suffering.

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I deal with disappointment with a nice cocktail and a day at the beach. Then I continue to do my best. What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

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There are no tricks. The only way is through the feelings. Take some time to grieve the loss of the play. Acknowledge how sad you feel (and angry if that is part of it).

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I have come to expect it.. Life is full of ups and downs. Have a piece of chocolate. You can be sad eating chocolate.

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Depending on what it is I try to make something else even better. Some examples:

My mom lost her house which means I lost all the money I invested it, Bad
Next house I buy her then I’ll make myself save two or three times for a buffer and not give in to her outside of budget whims. I’ll make sure the house is an even better one, Balm

My last bf turned out to be a fraud which is a common disappointment for a lot of people, Bad
I made sure my current bf checked out to be who he appeared to be and could walk his talk before I let myself make plans, make changes, take him seriously and settle down with him, Better

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Learn from the experience and make love to someone you really care about. Repeat as required.

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I put on a pair of the wife’s high heels & find some cobbles to walk on. Works a treat XD

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@ucme : Thanks. I needed that laugh. Although, I’m a performer in many different ways, including drag. I bet I can manage to walk on cobblestone in high heels better than you can.

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@hawaii_jake Oooh get her, little Miss show off XD I know you’re a bloke by the way, just getting in character don’t you know!!

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Deep breaths and get onto the next.
Sorry that happened, Jake. I hope you’re feeling better.

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@py_sue : Thank you. Feeling immensely better.

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