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Ever had experience with a vacuum coffee maker?

Asked by nimarka1 (942points) August 18th, 2010

I am a huge coffee fanatic and am looking to buy a vacuum coffee maker/brewer. I need a little help on picking the right one. There are so many different kinds, brands, and styles. For now I am looking in between the Bodum or Yama stovetop (because they are reasonably priced). Then there are those that are not stovetop, but instead use an alcohol flame (which looks like a cool science experiment). I’m new to the vacuum coffee maker, and wanted some help or opinions on which to buy. Have you ever had one or used one? which kind? pros and cons? anything helps. thanks

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I am not sure what that is or how it compares to Mr Coffee Coffeemaker. I bought it at Walmart for $17 . It makes wonderful coffee. Can you tell me what it does? I love coffee too.

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@Frenchfry I just stubbled upon it the other day, looking to buy another french press (mine finally gave out) and saw this. I had seen in on a show on the food network, coffee bar where the only thing they use is this. I you haven’t heard of them ( like me) your going to think its like the coolest thing you have ever seen (well at least me). It looks funky like 2 bulbs one ontop of the other. the water goes at the bottom, the coffee at the top. They say it produces the best tasting, quality coffee ever. And it looks col doing it!
watch this video, it is very well explained.

then here is another picture

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