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Where did you come from?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7186points) August 20th, 2010

I noticed that quite a lot over the last couple days that there are quite a few new jellies. So, I thought that I’d like to know where you came from. I know a lot of jellies came from other sites such as Answerbag. Did you stumble upon fluther from an internet search? Are you from another Q&A site? Feel free to introduce yourselves if you haven’t already.

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Have used Yahoo Answers (No boos please) but the place is a freak show, full of nasty small minded bigots. Haven’t been back on there for about a month

Stumbled upon here the other day…and am still settling in.

I like what i see so far :)

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Welcome! We’ve got Yahoo Answers in common, then. It took me ages to get an answer so I left and found this. :)

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@py_sue It appears that most just spoil it for others there, glad i’ve move on from it.

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Heaven or Answerbag….;)

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@second_guessing And all that lurve after only a short time! (Stumbled upon here the other day)

Me? It was an Internet search for some info on an Internet business where a (now) fellow Flutherite asked if anybody on Fluther had heard of the same business I was investigating.

I read more on Flluther, liked what I saw and joined. Welcome @second_guessing to a great site.

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I’m also from AB; I didn’t know about Fluther until I saw all the ‘The new AB sucks, what’s another good site?’ threads on AB.

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I came from my mommy.

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My daughter told me about it. I have never been on any other site. Does that make me a Virgin? lol

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Mars. I’m just about sure.

Neizvestnaya's avatar, I was mzvzzbzz

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“the old bag!” Better known as answerbag.

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Stumbled upon Fluther the other week, cant remember what I was doing, but I’ve not looked back.
I love that there are so many different people, from different countries, and some of us think the same, some dont…. it’s great.

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I found Fluther whilst doing an internet search about jellyfish.

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GeorgeGee, formerly of Answerbag, at your service. My Answerbag profile page:

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i never knew question and answer sites existed until one day i was desperate to find out if i could give blood the same day as smoking weed (silly), and BAM fluther is now in my life.

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I found fluther through a google search and was impressed with the answers given as well as how fluther is setup. I was hooked.

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I was on YA since 2006. I got sick of the trolls and violations ( most of them silly). I went to Askville . There was alot of arguing, alot of political questions, religious questions. Mr. Itty from there recommended this site. Bingo here I am! I love it. I brought some friends with me. Hope you all don’t mind.

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I came from when the site was closing down and this site was recommended as an alternative. I originally came from AIROW (Am I Wrong or Right?), which closed down in January ‘09, and was recommended as an alternative. I found AIROW through an ad on :)

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I came after a friend of mine asked my opinion on some of the answers to one of her questions. I checked out the answers she was given, then checked out the site, and then I made an account and stuck around. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for almost 4 months already.

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From Y/A. A contact on Y/A told me about this site and I already have a friend here who use to be on Y/A

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I orginally came from my mom and dad. Sorry but had to do that. I’m from Y!A. Several of my friends are here and we’re enjoying ourselves. Use Askville also but too many arguments.

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Wow.. I don’t remember how I came across this site.. I think I was searching a question and this site popped up. I love this place TONS after having to deal with the idiots of plenty at Yahoo Answers. This place is now my question/answer home. <3 <3

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I came from Answerbag but I’ve now been here longer than I was there. I do still post on Yahoo Answers occasionally, but most of it is just awful.

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Came from Askville, suggested by Frenchfry. I found too many on Askville to be very cliquey, bitchy and judgmental.

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When I asked my mother this question she said that husbands and wives get very close and God gives them a baby. So, I guess that’s it.

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@All Ah! The wit of some very very uber-witty Jellies. Makes a heart glad! Should I say Fluthericious?

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I’m from askville,but they just did a site improvement that just plain sucks,and might be here more and more in the time to come.

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I also started on Yahoo answers and moved to Askville I loved it there and had a lot of my Yahoo friends move with me there. When things there got ugly I moved back to Yahoo and Frenchie told me about Fluther and then I came here and I pop in every now and again. This site is a little strict for me and that keeps me out, I like things a little laid back. I am looking for fun not a school like sitting.

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Frenchfry introduced me to this site

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