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Harry Potter fans: if you could have any one item other than a wand from the world of Harry Potter in your real life, what would it be?

Asked by KatawaGrey (21467points) August 20th, 2010

ABC Family regularly has Harry Potter marathons and I tend to watch all of them sadly, I only own the last three movies and I got to thinking about all of the really cool things the world of Harry Potter.

I admit I’m violating my own rule because I can’t think of just one thing I’d want for my real life. The tents are pretty damn fabulous, as is Felix Felicitis, as is the Pensieve. However, I am a predictable creature and I think if I could pick just one, I’d have a broom though if I had Felix, I might luckily stumble upon a broom. ;)

So, Harry Potter fans, what would you have out of the Harry Potter universe?

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An owl. Specifically, Harry’s owl. I love that owl.

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The Gooooolden Snitch!

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I feel like the Invisibility Cloak is too obvious of an answer, so I’ll go with the Marauder’s Map (for our world, of course). Just think of all the uses!

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

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The broom. It would be an awesome ride!

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Mad-Eye Moody’s eye. How cool would it be to see out of the back of your head for real? That is every mother’s dream come true. Or maybe a Rememberall.

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Hermione’s Time Turner Necklace. I like the idea of being able to go back in time to do two things at the same time (so to speak).

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Hermione, herself! As played by Emma Watson. What?? She’s in the world of Harry Potter!

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These are excellent answers!

Mom, what the hell are you doing up so late?

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Oooh, this is hard. I usually don’t do speculative questions, but this one took my fancy.

My first impulse was to say Albus Dumbledore. But the corpse of Albus Dumbledore really doesn’t have quite the same appeal.

Second thought was then the annotated Potions book.

But no, I think this is what I would choose in the end, knowing that it has far more power and potential than has yet been revealed to us: the Sorting Hat.

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I would want Peeves the Poltergeist… although he’d probably get annoying after a while.
I want Fawkes. I have a fake one from the theme park, but I want the real one. :D

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I would want Buckbeak the hippogriff.
But hes not an object.
So I will go with the mirror of Erised.

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A Pensieve…the stone container Dumbledore used to store memories, yet be able to relive or revisit them. My brain seems to be running out of memory, and it would be great to have a storage unit.

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Person: Ginny (favorite female character, though luna is a close second) immensely strong personality and witch powers. I was somewhat dissapointed with her book time and even more disappointed by her screen time, so sad, oh well.

Object: Time turner (though if they really all were destroyed in the Department of Mysteries I would go with Mad Eye’s Eye.

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I would want that chocolate frog that hops out the window of the train in the first movie.

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@Battousai87: I have wondered about those time-turners but somebody had to have invented and made them, right?

Edit to add: I think that Ginny is the most well-written and interesting character in the whole series and wish she had more book/screen time as well.

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Does the Hogwarts castle count? :P
Hogwarts is beautiful, and I would love to have moving staircases and my own Room of Requirement.

Really, it’s incredibly difficult to pick just one, but I might have to go with the Pensieve. If you ever forgot anything, you could just go back through your memories and review. And you could see your memories, as well as other peoples’ memories, in a whole new perspective.

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Oh, dear, this doesn’t look like the place to say what I thought of Ginny.

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Nimbus 2000

Reading some of the reviews, I just “have” to get one for my girlfriend :)

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just give me Harry, and noone gets hurt

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hmmm tough one but I’d have to say a broomstick!NOT a bad broom a really good one like the nimbus 2000…that would be an excellent ride :D! or I would want everything in Fred and George’s store…maybe the love potion!<3

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The three headed dog, I think he was called Fluffy.

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