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How do you become Jewish?

Asked by zen_ (6273points) August 21st, 2010

Here’s one way – in Israel.


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Sign me up ;)

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Sounds cool. I’m about 1/16 Jewish on my mothers side; maybe I don’t have to “sign up” at all.

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If I were Jewish, I am sure I would be a simple type.

Which kind are you???

(Who was the black man, he looked very familiar?)

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If you’re referring to a person not born Jewish, he/she can convert to the religion. However, in my eyes, that makes him/her at best able only to practice the Jewish religious ritual, not a Jew.

If you mean how can one born a Jew become more Jewish—i.e., more observant, more religious—the place to start is education and attendance in Temple or Synagogue, though whether one goes or not, he/she is never less a Jew.

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I did not watch the video yet…
Not sure how much this is the case today, but supposedly, traditionally, people who came to the rabbis to ask about conversion were sent away 3 times, in order to prove their sincerity by continuing to come back.

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Learn to play the fiddle, conquer any fear of heights & play the thing on the roof, anyone will do. “If I were a rich man…......long summer :¬}

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I did it the old-fashioned way—born a Jew! Hated Hebrew school. Never went back to synagogue after Bar Mitzvah. Married a shickseh. Lived happily ever after —secularly—with ethnic but not religious Jewish identity.

@zen_ That guy in the video is hilarious!

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@answerjill Watch it first.

@ucme Da da da da… All day long I’d biddy biddy bum.

@gasman That’s why your name is Gasman – like Silverman and Goldman?


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@zen_ Lucky old you ;¬}

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