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When you have a bad day what makes you feel better?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 23rd, 2010

When you feel like crap, or are just pissed off in general what makes you feel better?

I think my kitty, and talking to a special somebody makes me feel better :)

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I agree. Snuggling with my cat makes me feel better.

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A long, hot shower and music at top volume (though not at the same time.)

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My son always seems to be able to make me smile when I’m having a bad day. Just hearing my husband’s voice makes me smile and fills my heart.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

Usually some music with a cup of coffee or a nap does the trick.

second_guessing's avatar

Someone to rub my stress away.

ipso's avatar

Quiet contemplation
Of recompense, strategies for day next
A four-finger scotch does not hurt
Kindred soul helps to convert
Forgetful eyes, enabling eyes
Your soul to conquer me, and pervert

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a glass of wine
some chocolate
a back rub
a good joke
a friendly smile.

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Death Metal and “More Death” Metal.
Can’t be implying I’m not angry for good reasons.

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Time heals all wounds, and it is especially good at turning a bad day into tomorrow.

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I grab my Teddy bear and cry for a bit, then I talk to my boyfriend then sleep.

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Humming, whistling or singing a cheerful tune always cheers me up. It’s pretty amazing.

Also: often when I’m getting irritable, it’s a sign that I’ve been putting breakfast/lunch/dinner off for too long and my blood sugar levels are complaining about it. So getting off the internet for a minute to grab a bite often helps too.

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Why my sunny disposition of course….oh & the kids help enormously too ;¬}

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Thinking about how much better off I am today than I was 3 years ago. : ))

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petting my doggie
having a cup of tea

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a hot bath
being wrapped is my girlfriend’s arms

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Hot bath, cold drink and massage by an angel named Jacqueline.

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Talking to Qingu and seeing him over the computer if we’re not in the same city.

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Right now it’s reading Harry Potter,I’ve been reading the first book for months
Also when I am on my period or just having a really bad-freaking-day then it’s CHOCOLATE
that’s the best. SOMETHING UN-HEALTHY IS WHAT i EAT WHEN I am feeling low.

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Talking it over on a walk with a friend.

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Talking to my SO and of course my dogs… they really understand!

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Munching away!!!!

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I will say to myself that I’m probably having a better day than thousands of people somewhere.

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Getting away from the office and willing myself not to think about work at home.

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Music, music, music!

And ice cream.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

Lots of skin-to-skin contact with a certain lady. Her positive attitude flows into me.

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Take a walk and look at birds and other animals.

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Definitely talking it out with someone helps, snuggling up to some good TV and good food.

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Usually the next day does.

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Take my dog for a long walk, or go for a run.

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I usually hit the bag :-/
Or hoe my borders………….vigorously.

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Sex and chocolate.

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Meditation and sleep.

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Snuggling up on the sofa with a pint of butter pecan ice cream, with my cats rolling around in my lap purring and stroking my arms with their paws and heads. Reading a great book that makes me laugh and/or cry, watching “House” and “Law&Order” reruns. My husband rubbing my feet and stroking my hair. Running on the treadmill for an 30 minutes makes me feel invigorated, powerlifting at the gym makes me feel powerful.

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A wrestling match ;)

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For someone I believe in to tell me it will all be okay.

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@Akua I love house reruns too!

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@Brenna_o isn’t House incredible? I told my husband if he wasn’t my husband, I’d want to date House.

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I’m getting ready to get the entire 6th Season to watch at the end of the month. Most popular TV series are available from NetFlix, to which we belong. : ))

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I’m a Netflix member too. I love all the cable TV series they have available. House, Dexter, Weeds, etc…

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A good single-malt Scotch can help take the edge off.

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Hah! I take a drink of Scotch and shudder for an hour! : )

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@Akua you watch Dexter?

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@daytonamisticrip I love Dexter. And Nurse Jackie and Weeds. You?

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Nurse Jackie and weed look ok but Dexter. That is the one about the killer, right?

Akua's avatar

Yes he’s a serial killer but trust me it’s funny. I had doubts about it too. I ran across it accidentally and have enjoyed it ever since. He has a code about who he kills and who he thinks deserves to die.

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Chills just ran up my spine, I can’t watch shit like that. Sorry about my language. I don’t care if it’s meant to be funny IT’S TWISTED. And it reminds me of what i’ve done. (nothing illegal, but very much immoral).

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Yea it’s a bit twisted but I can’t help but enjoy it.

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