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How do i get a producer to look at my story?

Asked by irainy143 (21points) August 23rd, 2010

i have access to what i consider the greatest story yet to be told and i want to know how i can get a producer to hear it. i intend this story to hit the screens as a movie.

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Random idea: try and make it go viral… say make an impressive storytelling presentation and see if it catches on through youtube / facebook / twitter… be sure to include your own author credits and contact info.

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Check this site out, they talk about a website, called
“TenPages is a crowdfunding platform that aims to give (aspiring) authors the opportunity to have their book published. Authors can submit a 10-page manuscript that will be publicly listed on the website. To go from manuscript to publication, the author needs to gain the support from the public.”
It’s a Dutch site written in Dutch too so that might be problematic, but maybe other Jellies know if there are similar sites in English.

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You need to write a treatment and get it to an agent. Producers do not usually accept unsolicited work because the chances of being sued are high and they don’t want to take that risk.

Keep in mind that filmmaking and television production are businesses first and artistic storytelling mediums second, and as such, most producers will most likely do what has proven to make money before. So if you can shape your treatment to have elements of past projects that have made a ton of money in the recent past, you will be more easily find an agent to represent you.

Read the Hollywood Reporter and Variety (copies should be at your local library) and do some research on agents you might shop your treatment to.

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I agree with @aprilsimnel. Follow the proper treatment format, submit it to the right people, etc. Do your research and get some help with the writing. If you find a screenwriter, then great! A lot of people now thing anything is game in the film world, but you’d be surprised how closely producers stick to tradition.

While the “viral” idea is kind of neat, consider that when something goes viral, the source can be lost or ignored. Your story could be taken and changed around a bit and submitted by someone else to a studio. You could lose credit and money. Keep the story to yourself and whoever is helping you through the writing process.

Good luck!

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BTW, when you finish your final draft of the treatment, register it with the WGA ($20) and copyright it ($35) for your own protection. Agents will want to see that you’ve done that. US$55 is a small price to pay if you end up with millions from your story.

If you aren’t American, I’d still copyright it and register it with the equivalent outfits in your own country – and probably the WGA and US Copyright Office, anyway.

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If you want it to be a movie, you will want to convert it to a script rather than just a novel. Check out Script Writing techniques to make the best of your story.

There are millions of stories from millions of budding writers so the chance of a producer picking up your story and reading it is one in a trillion chance. However, you could self-promote your novel by going to social scenes and talking about it, asking people if they’ve seen it (even though nobody ever has seen it) and sending it to reviewers.

I’m currently co-writing a novel and I feel that it will be a best seller in the years to come. I say years because it can take more than a few months to write a good novel and I want to make sure that each scene is thorough and informative and that continuity is maintained.

You had best get someone to proofread your manuscript before submitting it to any producer or agent.

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