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Has anyone here potty trained their cat?

Asked by Akua (4730points) August 23rd, 2010

I have two male (13 months and 10 months old) cats and I’m in the process of training them to use the toilet. Has anyone here been successful at doing this? If yes can you suggest some tips and if no, what went wrong. General opinions appreciated.

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They can’t flush the toilet… no thumbs.

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yes, by accident. many years ago when i was married (newly so in fact) we had new kittens and kept their box in the large bathroom. when we had to go we went w/ no mind to them, then one day i saw one of them on the seat edge over the pot and sure enough the cat was peeing into it. the cat continued this behavour but unfortunately we had to give it up when we moved not long after. :( So, put their box in the bathroom and just let them watch you!

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As long as they go in the toilet, I don’t mind if they don’t flush. But I have read that they can be taught to flush and that they shouldn’t be taught to flush because they rather like it and will do it constantly. Don’t know if this is true but that’s funny.

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Started to but they just used too much tissue!

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No, but I have always thought it was cool. lol

My two cats have 5 acres to go on, but, they run back in the house to use their litter box, that I primarily keep for when they are in for the night.

Little nerds!

Drives me crazy. haha

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@Coloma how ? do they have a kitty door? I wonder what a kitty door is, exactly? I think that is so cute!!
Do you do the same thing? (-:

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Yes, they have a kitty door.

I will be watching them from the window racing around the yard, up & down the trees.

All of a sudden one races down the hill into the garage and zips through the kitty door and runs to the litter box.

No, I have no problem going behind atree if I far from the house. lol

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You can do it by putting a litter box next to or even in the bowl. Then remove it later.
But I would not like cats to go in the toilet because once trained that way they play in the water and get the seat wet. Also the males will spray the seat lid.

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@MaryW – good point. I wondered if they would make a mess once trained. And my 2 cats most definately would play in the water since they love water. They run in the bathroom and peek under the shower curtain whenever I shower or bath and just watch me in the water. They don’t even have a real water bowl as they prefer to drink water straight from the faucet or a full bucket of water set in the tub. They are sooo weird.

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I tried everything one time with Sasha, sadly long since passed away. Even resorted to erecting a sign pointing out the “toilet” It read thus, Hairy Potty & the Chamber for Dodoo’s. Always wondered why it never had the desired effect XD

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When I was in college, my roommate and I got a cat. My roommate bought a book called How to Potty Train Your Cat and immediately set out to do this with our cat.

I was highly skeptical. I’d grown up with a lot of cats (our cat was actually one of a litter from one of my cats at home), and didn’t think it would work. Following the steps in the book, we first put the litter box next to the toilet. Over a period of many days, we gradually raised the litter box higher and higher off the ground by stacking books underneath it, until it was level with the toilet seat. The idea was to get the cat used to jumping up to do his business. We then used a special toilet “seat” for the cat, similar to the one that comes with this kit.. I don’t know where my roommate got the seat, but it wasn’t part of a set like that. Anyway, at first the seat had litter in it lots of fun to deal with when you only have one bathroom and then we removed it completely.

To my surprise, the cat continued to use the toilet and never had an accident or made a mess. Of course he didn’t flush, but at least we didn’t have a litter box to deal with! For the rest of that year, the cat had no problems using the toilet.

Unfortunately, after graduation my roommate took the cat home with her and after the change of scenery he refused to use the toilet. She tried repeating the steps, but it did not work and the cat would pee on the floor rather than use the toilet. It later turned out he had bladder problems and had to be medicated for the rest of his life, so maybe that had something to do with it as well. He’d use the litter box, but no more potty. :(

So yes, it is possible and I have personally seen it work. If we ever get a cat, I will certainly try to potty train it again!

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@MissAusten that is a great story. I have been in the process of potty training the cats for the past couple of weeks and I was really doubting the outcome. Inch by inch I have been raising the litterbox off the floor as instructed by all the websites I have read on the subject. Today I went to the next step and now the litterbox in ON the toilet!! I was nervous and watched them like a hawk, ready for any poops in a corner they may do in rebellion but lo and behold, they jumped up on the sink to get to the toilet and went potty in the litter box on top of the toilet. YAYYYYY!!! In 2 or 3 days I will replace the litterbox completely with a potty seat that I’m going to order online tonight. Wish me luck people and thanks! Keep the feedback coming.

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Thats such a weird question

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