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Is cat saving boy from the pitbull a major/unique story?

Asked by flo (12974points) May 21st, 2014

I would say so. Was the cat actively trained to protect family members? cat saves boy from pitbull

Or pick whichever result from here

What could we learn from it?

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No – it’s not a major unique story. It’s internet fluff that captures interest and goes viral while we ignore the fact that the Western Antartica icecap is melting and people are being massacred in Syria.

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I have no idea what was going through the cat’s mind. Saving the boy probably had nothing to do with it. You can’t “train” a cat to be a protector cat.

Some fluff in the middle of such depressing stuff isn’t necessarily a bad thing @janbb.

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@janbb I don’t mean major in that sense that it is comparable to what you mentioned. What is a good word to use?

@Dutchess_III That is true, imagine if the cat weren’t there….So many children have died from dog attacks.

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It wasn’t a Pitbull.

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^^^^ No. It was a lab/chow mix. Chows are bad tempered dogs.

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We can learn that cats are not pussies, I had a cat thwart a neighbors pit bull before, R.I.P. Queenie, no funky dog was going to invade her yard.

[edit] Queenie died of natural causes, not by any dog or car, in case you were thinking.

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Cats are definitely not pussies!

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Thanks @livelaughlove21 for the correction. I guess I misheard it or something.

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Cats are solo predators. Dogs are the degenerate off spring of pack hunters. Dogs are Cowards on their own.

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@janbb Why such a downer lady? The cat did prevail and the kid did get hurt but it could have been worse without the cat..

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Cats chase all kinds of a animals. Google.

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But it is far from common wouldn’t you say?

@tinyfaery Alright I’ll Google and see if they chase things that are bigger than them and are in the middle of attacking.

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I would say it’s far from common. I wish I could get in the cat’s head.

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Unlike dogs and many other animals, cats seem to do actions based more on their individual personality traits. The male cat my mom feeds always lets the female eat first. My previous two male cats would push the female out of the way in order to eat first.

Cats that form a powerful bond with their owners can be fiercely loyal and protective though. My deceased gram’s cat would kiss and lick her face when she cried, and was very protective of her. I had already seen the video (my sister showed me it on her iphone), but it doesn’t surprise me, but not all cats will do this for their owners. A small cat can hurt a much bigger dog though, so don’t underestimate them!

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I just want to give the cat a million$.

I just Googled “cats chase….”: and the word “bears” followed.
cats do chase…

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In this case, the dog is bad and the cat is good. No one expected it.

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If anyone has ever tangled with a feral cat they are mean and they are fearless. They will go after an adult person.

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I doubt very much that the cat was “protecting” the child. It was being territorial and aggressive, and it happened to be very good timing.

That was a vicious, unprovoked attack by the dog and the family was incredibly lucky that the cat startled the dog enough to drive it off.

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@syz Yeah, the cat just figured what the heck are you doing on my turf and came after the dog. But right, they were lucky.

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Yes, it is a major unique story for me. That damn mutt was going to kill the little boy and the incredibly heroic cat scared the pussy mutt out of the neighborhood.
It is quite obvious that saving the boy is exactly what the cat intended. You see it save the boy and then run the dog away and then stop short when it realized it had done the job and returned to check on the boy.
Of course you can train cats. They train lions don’t they? Lions are cats.

@janbb I don’t understand what people being massacred in Syria has to do with anything. There are far more important items happening in the world than Syria which are being hidden from us.

Icecaps melt and refreeze periodically. It is actually normal.

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Dogs are fascists.

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1. Because it disproves that cats cannot be anything other than internet cute. They can be terrific companions too!
2. It’s speciesist (and sexist) to just let dogs be man’s best friends (!)
..and unlike dogs, cats are not needy enough to befreind damn humans!
Go Kitty!

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@Dan_Lyons In 50 years I have had no luck in “training” a cat. I’ve learned to say things that a cat may (or may not) respond to, but that isn’t training.

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Your inability to train one cat is probably not indicative of all cats inability to be trained. ^^

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I had a cat that attacked 2 large dogs and drove them away. Cats are very territorial and the cat was simply defending its territory and family. Cool but not unique. I have seen videos of cats attacking bears and all sorts of larger wildlife as well as dogs.

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I had a cat that was backed into a bush by a Great Dane. Poor dog, he had to be rushed to the emergency room.

@Coloma is right, cats are territorial. The dog in the video may have just gotten on the cat’s turf, and it may have nothing to do with the child, but who knows.

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I still think cats can be protective. My late grandmother’s cat would growl and hiss at my brother and pap when they would yell at her. The cat would comfort her if she was crying. I’ve read stories of cats alerting their owners during fires too.

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My cat lets me know if I am late for work. He even seems to know if it is a weekend or an week day. The few times I have forgotten to set my alarm, he jumped up on the bed and got in my face, meowing. When that didn’t work, he layed on my head!

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I believe cats can be trained.
@Skaggfacemutt that cat is a genius

Maybe there is something interesting here

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Yep! That was interesting @flo!

Guys…I’ve “trained” cats. I don’t use litter boxes because I train my cats to go outside, just like the dogs. I give no quarter when it comes to that.

In other instances (where I find myself giving quarters like it’s a pinball machine) I’ve trained my cats to come when they’re called. If they feel like coming when they’re called, they come.

I once had a cat who ‘fetched.’ I think it was just the cat, tho. Had nothing to do with me. His name was Charlie, 1988.

I have can make a cat “stay” when I command it to, unless it decides it wants to “leave.”

Can’t get a cat to meow or to bark on command.

Or to roll over and to play dead.

Or to shake hands.

Unless it feels like it at the moment.

Ever wonder why we don’t see “service cats” in restaurants or grocery stores?

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