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What are some of your favourite things to do when at the beach?

Asked by ucme (50031points) August 23rd, 2010

Yeah, been asked before no doubt. Hell maybe I asked something similar myself. Still, worth another shout so here goes. Simple enough, the most fun or at least an activity you indulge in most whilst at the beach. Surf or catch some rays. Check out the local talent or simply swim. Maybe you play sports like volleyball or play with the kids. So yeah, tell me which beach based frolics you enjoy.

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Walk on the beach
Wade in the water
Collect shells

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Get out of the sun as quickly as possible!!!

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Sit in an innertube and ride the waves. small ones, hopefully.

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Dig my feet into the warm sand, lie on stomach and bury my face into my towel – smelling a combo of fabric softener from the towel, coconut suntan lotion and the beach air. Hearing the waves rippling along the shore.

Beach walks at sunset or sunrise.

Drinking my coffee in the early morning whilst looking out at the freighters along Lake Huron.

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Sit and read.

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Last month me and my girlfriend played rackets, not on the beach though, but in the sea.
On the beach i like to just lay, under the umbrella that we bring, read my paper, my books, eat the tuna sandwiches my girlfriend packed, talk, cuddle, take a dip in the sea, and go back to just lay, under the umbrella that we bring, read my paper, my books, eat the tuna sandwiches my girlfriend packed, talk, cuddle, take a dip in the sea….

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Swim, eat seeds and read.

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People watch o-o.

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..and eat cole slaw sandwiches which are simply potato rolls with cole slaw inside. Four of those suckers. (-: all these people who can actually read in sunlight. It would kill my eyes.

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In Europe we wear shades when in the sun.

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Sinking. I like when the waves and seaweed try to drag you into the water.

I’d have far more to do at the beach if I knew how to swim. I’ve always wanted to learn how to surf, but I’m petrified.

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@rebbel HA. I’d have to have reading sunglasses and I’ve never seen any. If I did see any they’d have to be almost black.

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lie on my towel and sleep under the sun
walk on the beach at sunset
swim under the moonlight when the night comessss lalalalala

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This may sound odd, but I always bring my pillow to the beach…

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Finding a spot out of the wind, putting on yet another layer, and piling up the pebbles… Not to forget the raincoat… and icecream of course! ;¬)

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@harple Oh good god yeah. A raincoat absolutely essential in our “fantastic” climate ;¬}

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I like walking the beach, picking up sharks teeth.

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Swimming in the sea.
Letting my dogs run and burn off some energy (at the beaches that allow dogs of course.)
Galloping on a horse along the shore.

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Running on the sand is great exercise
Swimming in the water is spiritual for me
collecting weird looking sea shells
smelling the clean sea air
horseback riding
Note: I don’t go to the beach in the states. This is what I do on beaches in the West Indies where ther water is clean enough to drink and you can see your feet in the water.

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Swim of course, collect pretty rocks and shells…hold my gals hand…sit on a log and chat…..swim and float…watch a sunset or two…..bon fires and star gaze.

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Our family has been renting a house in Nags Head, North Carolina, USA, each summer for the past 30 years. Some of the things we’ve done are:
* Rented 4-wheelers and driven around on a reserved part of the beach
* Para-sailing
* Kayaking in the ocean and having dolphins come pretty darn close out of curiosity
* Jet-skiing
* Play boccie and racquetball on the beach
* Grill fresh fish for dinner
* Build a campfire in the evening and make s’mores
* Use the outdoor hot tub late at night while drinking a cold beer
* Get up really early and sit on the beach sipping a cup of tea or coffee while waiting for the the sun to rise from the ocean

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@Pied_Pfeffer -That’s pretty close to what I do when I go there…but more galleries ;))

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Cheers peeps, lots of good healthy beach time pusuits there….....amazed nobody said sex, or should that be pleasantly suprised ;¬}

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Hide under an umbrella with lots of sunscreen
Listen to Music
People-watch I do that everywhere I go; people are FASCINATING!
Enjoy a nice frozen concoction

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@ucmeSand doesn’t sound at all pleasant under those circumstances. I think many of us hate it even if it’s only between the toes, you dig?

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@aprilsimnel Only with my bucket & spade!

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Swim, surf (somewhat), lie in the sun and relax, play with the sand, etc. :P

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The three B’s-

Boogie board


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@lucillelucillelucille More galleries???

@ucme I’ve never had sex at the beach or a ‘Sex on the Beach’, for that matter.

@free_fallin We invested in a cabana years ago that covers most of us. My sister and I typically set it up first thing in the morning before we go out for a long walk. Now that the kids are grown, I have a strict BYOC policy (bring your own chair). We camp out under it and read and nap. There is also a constant slathering of sunscreen on each others’ backs.

I forgot to mention the sand sculptures. One complex we were in for several years held a contest one day each week. We entered a couple of times and never won. It was great fun to walk down the beach and see everyone else’s entries. It’s amazing the creativity that can be done with sand, a bucket and shovel, and some shells and seaweed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer That is surely to your credit :¬)

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Giant paper umbrella
Books to read

Giant paper umbrellas
Bagels with cream cheese and sliced ham

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@ucme Nah, it’s just from not having a partner while there. Plus, when you are renting a house with 14 other family members, there are certain courtesies that should be applied. A niece was pretty mortified in the nightly pounding coming from the room above hers…

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@Pied_Pfeffer Right, gotcha!

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Tan, swim, read, relax.

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I love picking shells and feeling the sand between my feet. Looking out of the vast ocean. hearing the waves. Chasing and scaring the birds. LOL

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Walk for miles and have fresh seafood.

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At night time build a fire in the sand, cook s’mores, and drink some beer.

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Guy watching!

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I only like going to beaches that are really peaceful and quiet with no to hardly any people on it. Then i like to just walk along the beach with my husband, taking photos and collecting nice shells if there are any.

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Swim and run endlessly on the shore. (: I can’t do much of either, sadly.

Now when I’m with my boyfriend who likes to go to the beach a lot, I usually just read to him while he’s tanning. I’ll also throw a bucket of water on him. ;)

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My favorite thing to do at the beach is too naughty for Fluther ;) But I also like to… Go swiming, hangout all day with friends, pick shells, tan a little, take pictures, drink beer. Bonfires are fun too!

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