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(SFW) How does it feel to be invaded?

Asked by jfos (7380points) August 24th, 2010

Throughout history, certain have groups invaded territories that were already inhabited. Sadly, this still happens in modern times. I live in America, and have never experienced an occupation or invasion. Of course one can study events that have happened, such as ”X group invaded Z territory and killed many Z-ish natives,” etc., but can anyone share real experiences or true stories?

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Do you not feel the events of 9/11 was an actual invasion?

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@chyna 9/11 was an attack, not an invasion.

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@chyna Definitely not.

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Actually I think chyna was right, which is why that hit so hard. It’s the closest anyone has come to invading the US. I watched the second plane hit in the investment house where my g/f works with a broker that had just relocated from one of the towers. When the towers went down we were all sick at heart. That was an invasion of my state, even if it the attack didn’t last that long, the effects did.

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@Adirondackwannabe I was referring to a more widespread, actual invasion. With thousands of invaders who come in and control/mobilize a sizable amount of natives. I’m not trying to minimize 9/11—it was definitely an unfortunate series of events—but it just doesn’t fit the requirements for this question. Thanks for the answer though.

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“certain have groups invaded territories”

I’m with @chyna on how she sees it. But..

Territorial invasion we have not experienced. Though you can see the illegal immigrant situation as such.
Because of the isolated topography of the USA we will probably never see it without a full blown war.

These modern times and the United States being a modern first world nation.
We will, and are seeing more covert forms of invasion.

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I think Chyna is correct in characterizing 9/11 as an invasion in that event brought to the surface the grim reality that terrorists are living amongst us and have been probably for a long time if not forever just waiting for that moment to rain hell down on us.

We don’t need a foreign soldier on our street corners to validate this invasion, the TSA and body scanners at our airports suffice for that.

Terrorists live amongst us unseen like cockroaches and only when we shine a light on them just maybe we will see them before it’s too late.

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@Cruiser Not using this as justification for or as a rebuttal to your point, but American soldiers have been actively, violently occupying Afghanistan for the better part of a decade. This is an actual example of an invasion.

American soldiers (whether you think Saddam was good or bad or both) invaded Iraq, kidnapped its leader, and established a new Iraqi government. This is an actual example of an invasion.

“As of March 31, 2008, U.S. armed forces were stationed at more than 820 installations in at least 135 countries (Wikipedia).” This is not an example of an invasion.

As you said, there were/are “terrorists” hiding in America, and some of them were blamed for 9/11. This is not an example of an invasion.

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@jfos Not to belittle your otherwise important point, but I think the question was directed at Jellies being invaded or occupied not the other way around. Since I am American I can only relate to these events in my lifetime here in America. And maybe since the terrorists didn’t storm ashore in amphibious vehicles I should have perhaps referred to the terrorists as infesting America. And according to my friend in the FBI you don’t want to know just how bad this situation is.

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@Cruiser That’s much better.

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The flood of illegal immigrants has been likened to an invasion. When you consider that there are elements in that flood who want for Mexico to absorb the Southwest, the appellation becomes more appropriate. Hope that it helps.

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