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Are "street names" the same as avatars?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) August 26th, 2010

Back in the 80s and 90s, people would have a “street name”, in order to hide their real identity from other people. This was very common among drug dealers, drug users, and criminals. One drug user’s street name i recall was “popsicle”. No intent meant for the good people on Fluther, but, is the purpose of avatars? The same as street names, to protect ones identification?

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Popsicle… LOL

Same concept, I guess. Never really thought of it that way.. but you’re not wrong. :)

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Good question. And I guess by the same token, another early avatar was a Ham radio handle.

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Austinland, good answer and correct. also, how about “handles” used by truckers?

“Whats you handle, good buddy?”. remember that?

One that always made me laugh was a woman named Heavy-Duty.

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10–4 Good buddy. I wonder if he liked popsicles then or sold ice ( Crystal Meth). Hmmm .. Makes you wonder how people come up with the names. I just like french fries.

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Frenchfry, your avatar would never have given me a clue. i am an onion ring person myself. especially ones that are beer-battered.

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I don’t think so.
I see it as a sense of personalization. Something that represents something that’s important to you. Whether that’s your beloved dog, or your favorite painting, or your police cruiser. It’s an aspect of your life that’s important to you.
I’d say that’s the exact opposite of trying to hide your identity.

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Sarcasm, never really thought of it this way. i guess an avatar can have two purposes. thanks, john

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I don’t feel a need to protect my real identity from the good people of Fluther, but as our usernames and posts are publically viewable I would like to protect my identity from being viewed by random strangers, spammers and bots who scour the internet collecting personal data. This is why I never sign up for any website or forum using my real name.

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My real name is Prince William but ssshhh! You never know who’s listening in….....oh bother!! Mama one’s been busted, go fetch Harry.

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Never met any drug dealers.

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