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How much does a person's avatar tell you about them?

Asked by aviona (3260points) April 1st, 2009

Do you judge people by their avatar? Do you think it telling of their character at all? Do you get used to someone’s avatar and are thrown off when they suddenly change it? How much of a role do they play in Fluther daily life?

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< < that they are incredibly virile and handsome. But maybe that’s just me.

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Some more than others. I know mine doesn’t tell much except that I like a lot of colors. I have toyed with the idea of putting an actual picture of me up, but that doesn’t seem to be the norm here.

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Rob enjoys a hula hoop. That is all I need to know.

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I’m a horrible judge of thumbnail images. Poor eyesight doesn’t help. They say it’s all in the details but not when the details are as miniscule as that. Yes, I have gotten used to some avatar’s and it’s a little disconcerting (not a lot) when some people change their avatars. In my daily life, avatars play a very significant role in the same way that root canals are a favorite form of entertainment for me.

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Mine just tells you that last year I was blond.

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I change mine often (much lurve for pop art, vintage black/white photography and “band flyer art”). I had a picture of my Dad and I up not long ago.

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Mine says “This is what the love child of George Burns and Sally Jesse Raphael would look like”.

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Not very much. Some have a more playful tone about them – and when you see how the person responds to things, sometimes, it actually fits.

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I don’t know. What does mine say about me?

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Not really much. I assume that you are shy. That is about all I get from the picture.

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If you have incredible eyesight, mine hints at my first name.

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That you handsome, Gurr <Growls like a tiger.
Mine says this is how I look.

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@zephyr826, BUNNY!!??? Your name is BUNNY!!!???

is your first name Easter?

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@Mr_M, does it look like there’s a rabbit in that pic?

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@zephyr826, aren’t those rabbit ears on the head of the hot woman on the left?

That IS a woman on the left?

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Mine says a lot about me – that I love penguins and that I love to read. I do associate their avatars with people and get disconcerted when they change them. With the people who put up photos, I often wonder if they are their real pictures; if so, we have a lot of great looking people on this site. I will often scan the avatars to see quickly who has responded to a question.

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Mine simply says that I like to see both sides, good and bad.
Or I always believe there is two sides to a story.

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Not much, I’d say.

<—- I like the color blue.

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mine doesn’t say much either

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@Facade—that you’re cute! :)

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Do you think our avatars should say something?

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<—- sexy like only a jedi monkey could be.

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<— Likes red and has a glow about her. Basically.

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Shy? I am like the opposite of shy….lol



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Mine means a lot to me, but I don’t know if it means much to anyone else.

I tend not to judge people by their avatars. Although I do think differently about people who put up their photos compared to people who have something else. I don’t know if I can characterize that difference. I know that I do enjoy deconstructing non-photographic avatars. It’s kind of hard to do anything with photos, except to wonder why some show part of a face and others show the whole thing. But I hesitate to read too much into that, either.

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I’m thinking about using this as mine, would you judge me, @daloon?

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Whoa, Nellie! Now that’s unusual! I kind of like it! That says “you might want to watch out for me; I’m not going to be what you expect!” And you know I’m a sucker for surprising people. Though I do like your current one very much, too. It’s more calming and it makes me feel safer, somehow. Dunno if that’s what you intended, but that’s what it does for me.

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@aviona lol, that’s cute

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It shows the side of themselves they like to portray themselves as, or something that they identify as.

In my opinion.

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@Facade & @daloon? thanks

very true @jo_with_no_space, best answer, I think.

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i don’t usually think anything, unless it’s something stupid. or inappropriate.
mine just says i like marilyn monroe..i think.

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<———Cutest towhead ever…and no, I’m not biased.

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I always think of myself as a naughty girl so I googled that. This was the only pic that was fully dressed. That is chocolate on the face, not the need for a kleenex

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Some say a lot more to me than others. Some just seem decorative or arbitrary, and others seem very expressive or simply apt. I definitely get different impressions of Bluefreedom and Mr_M. I think the cartoons, the abstractions, and the shy here-I-am-but-you-can’t-see-me ones convey the least distinct impression to me.

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Never mind my big pistola, just compensating….):

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