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Do I need to go to USA to take the SAT?

Asked by max_gutierrez (341points) August 26th, 2010

I want to take the admissions for tarleton U., they ask me for TOEFL and SAT. Do I have to take the SAT in the US?

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No, most countries have designated testing centres in the larger cities.

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You can research the date of testing and contact the administrator of the test in the location nearest to you on CollegeBoard’s webpage. It’s important that you pay attention to when the university you want to apply to needs your test scores before you register for the SAT.

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I guess it really depends on where you live, but most places do have designated testing centers for that

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No, you don’t. You just need to register online.

If you’re curious, the SAT is taken at the American School Foundation of Monterrey (La Huasteca campus). The official TOEFL is administered at the Benjamin Franklin Library, near La Purísima.

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Tarleton is a 3rd rate school; you certainly shouldn’t be thinking of making an international trip to take an exam to get in there. I would suggest that before you even try to take the test locally that you check with them to see if they feel it’s necessary. Schools often waive such requirements for international students.

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@GeorgeGee Yes, but american 3rd rate schools are better than my mexican 2nd rate school haha, (really every american schools are better than mexicans, and with a lot of more prestige) but well, i am studing on “uanl”, i have 6 semesters and because of many problems i am in academic suspension (again) with 1st semester classes, i am going alone, and i have no money to pay a better school, i have friends to stay in stephenville, the insecurity in monterrey is really high, i can’t live here anymore, and i have a high oportunity of scolarship there, maybe i can get papers to live and work there (and tin US they pay 10 times more than in mexico) so it seems like a good idea for me .

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My point was that they will probably be willing to be flexible for an international student if it would otherwise be difficult to take the SAT. But as others pointed out, you can probably take the test locally.

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