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What's your driving record?

Asked by AmWiser (14932points) August 28th, 2010

While driving yesterday (one of my once-twice weekly) trips to visit Mom, it dawned on me for the last 35 years of driving I have not had a moving violation ticket or accident.
I do drive daily and at one point drove 200 round trip miles daily for 8 years to work.
So as commendable as it is I guess it only warrants high praise from myself. What is your driving record like? Excellent, good, poor, needs improvement???

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Spotless, also. I’ve only been driving for 10 years, though.

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Excellent. I’m an excellent driver. (Rainman)

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In 1980 I got stopped for speeding; the speedometer was broken.
So I guess that would be excellent? Not sure.

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Ohhhh wait, I lied! I got a speeding ticket on the way to the airport like 7 or 8 years ago. I forgot.

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….it’s been better ;)

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Would you believe that i have never had a traffic citation in my whole life? 66 years old.

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@TheOnlyNeffie awww! to bad. Hopefully, those points are off your record by now;-)
@john65pennington would that have anything to do with you being a police!

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@Aster that would be excellent in my book.

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AmWiser. no. my job had nothing to do with my lack of traffic citations. i never received one as a teenager or an adutlt driver BEFORE joining my police department.

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Well, I’ve only got 4 years of driving under my belt (I got my license at the start of August ‘06).
I got a flat tire. Fittingly, that happened on April 1st (of 2008).
I got a parking ticket a few months later, when I failed to understand rules of off-campus parking in my college.
Last year I got pulled over for having a broken light, and got off with a warning.
And I had my serpentine belt shred on me.

Other than that, I’ve had no run-ins with the police, I’ve never gotten in an accident.

In my first day of driver’s ed, the teacher told us “You all will get into an accident in your first year of driving. You just can’t avoid that.” Looks like someone was wrong!

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I’m an excellent driver, it’s just that everybody else is in my way all of the time – honk! honk!

I’ve almost written off two cars, side swiped a tree (or 3), wrecked the rims of the gutter side of my wheels, but never hit a person. I was in a 3-car crush where I was in the middle and my car looked like an accordion. I still had to drive to work and it jiggled all the way there.

Fortunately, for me (and everyone else) I no longer drive a car, no need for one, I rarely leave the house, nowadays.

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I have only ever had seat-belt tickets. (stories i’ve heard of people getting in wrecks w/ seat belts on and getting severely injured, internal bleeding, has scared me.) I’m working on that so I can set a good example for my little girls. Other than that, nothing. :)

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Just a few speeding tickets, although I would have so much more if the cops didn’t let me off for being in the military lol.

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Also, I never got a speeding ticket. I drove for about 20 years before I decided that Public Transport was more economical. It costs about $100 per week to keep a vehicle, including services, repairs, insurances, etc..

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I don’t know how I have done it but I have a good record, despite people say I don’t drive well. When people say that I throw it in there face.No accidents and No tickets. Just a couple of warnings under my belt.

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SIMPLY BRILLIANT – I’m an even more excellent driver than CHYNA, hehehehehe!

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I’ve had a few speeding tickets, but no other citations. I have been in one accident, but I was rear ended and didn’t get any citations for that.

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Well, very commendable records for those who have never gotten a ticket. Having driven conservatively over 500,000 working storm duty, got a couple. Got one i did not deserve and could have gotten many more if I had been caught. So..

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Oh man… I have a horrible record. I got 14 speeding tickets in an 8 month period, got my license suspended, got a driving while suspended ticket, got it back, got another ticket and got it suspended again. That’s where I’m at now. I’m currently not driving in hopes of keeping myself from getting pulled over again. I’ve got a motorcycle wreck on there too but that was about 5 years ago so it should be coming off before too long.

I’m a safe driver, but I like to go waaaaay too fast. I’m pretty sure I’ve paid enough in fines over the past two years to buy the local police department a couple cars.

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I’ve only been snapped by a speed camera. Driving for about 20 or so years

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For the number of years I have been driving and the number of miles… I have an outstanding record and my insurance company seems to think so too!

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Never been pulled over, 0 tickets. I’m a great driver.

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Spotless as well. Never gotten a ticket or violation or warning or anything like that.

But I’ve only been driving for 3 years. :)

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I only use public transportation. I do not even have a license, too expensive.

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In the first 2 years I had a license, I racked up two speeding tickets of >15 over (one near a 40—>55 speed change and one where the speed limit on the interstate was far lower than it is in any state within 500 miles of where I lived at the time) and a weather-related no-fault singlle-vehicle accident that resulted in zero injuries to my wife and I, but totalled the car. (Keep it rubber side up!).

In the last decade, all I have had is three tickets for not putting enough change in the meter and taking longer than I thought to return. I’ve had a few equipment warnings (two for headlights and many for exhaust) but no moving/equipment violations since my wild youth.

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Driving for 24 years, only got a ticket for no proof of insurance (which I had, just kept forgetting to put it in the car).

No speeding tickets, despite my taste in cars.

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I think you are bragging by asking this question, probably because of my collection of speeding tickets. The song “I Can’t Drive 55” was, I believe, written for me.

Last year I probably drove 100k miles on business, in the U.S. to say nothing of the mileage or kilometers, I drove outside the country. I would guess that I have paid over 15,000 dollars in fines over the last 55 years of driving. It was better when I was a teenagers because instead of a fine,, the police would tell my Dad. He let me work off my transgressions.

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@Ron_C LOL! Too funny! I’m sure your contribution to the economy was well appreciated.

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@chyna and @AmWiser “doing a 100 in a 55 and don’t know why I’m still alive”.

Excellent song it will be my new anthem. I have a Chrysler Avenger rental here in Mexico. I have been doing a 120 KPH regularly, I’d up it to two hundred but I am afraid of the Federali’s

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I’m heading north, I’m heading home doing 125
I close my eyes and count to ten – Ha ha, I’m still alive
Perfect, perfect tunnel vision, razor sharp and racing, racing
These moments, immortal,
No one touches this

These things they flow as blood must flow
Dust to dust and wind must blow
Nothing that I need to know or ever understand
These things they flow as blood must flow
Dust to dust and wind must blow
You can die before you get old
But me, I’m going to live forever

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@mrentropy I’ve found the best way to combat driver’s fatigue is to bump it up to 125. You are more alert, and your blood really starts pumping. You have to watch the road, watch for obstructions (or deer) and the state police, all with a proper musical accompaniment.

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@Ron_C One of the big arguments against lowering the national speed limit to 55MPH, in the 70s, was that it got really boring. And when the driver is bored it brings on fatigue, loss of concentration, and daydreaming. Or, as Bannon said in Gumball Rally, “Fifty-five is fast enough to kill you, but slow enough to make you think you’re safe.”

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@Ron_C I wish I still had my collection of car magazines from the 90s. In one of them, and I don’t remember which one, there was an interview with a guy from governmental body that decides the national speed limit. They had one of his reports and were asking him questions about it.

It was a great interview because everything the government person said was debunked by the interviewer. In essence, if there was an insurance claim filed because a car got hit by a shopping cart in a parking lot, it was an “in-motion” collision because the shopping cart was moving.

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About 5 years ago, I got a speeding ticket. I was going 47 downhill through a 35 on my way to work. $125 for going 11+ miles over the speed limit. When I got to work, I was so happy. I told everyone, “Look what I did!”.

The other one was about 4 years ago. I was backing out of the Lake Oswego library. If anyone has been there, you know how tight of a fit it is to park there. I was backing out left and I all of a sudden felt this bump and the a honking noise. This lady got out and started yelling at me. I went in my car to get my info and she told people I was going to call the police. Didn’t give me any of her info, then left. Weirdest thing.

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I’ve only been driving for 7 years and in that time I have had one accident (the car was a write-off but my brother and I were unharmed) and one speeding fine.

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