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If I got pulled over and ticketed for driving with an expired license, how much will the fine be?

Asked by Sunsetseast (85points) May 14th, 2010 from iPhone

I’m asking approximately.. Or for individual experiences

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It depends on the jurisdiction in which you were stopped.

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Ok….ball park figure for mid hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

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“California vehicle code 12500 makes it illegal, and a misdemeanor, to drive without a valid license on any highway in California. A person cited for driving without a valid license in CA may be punished by probation, time in county jail, and fines of up to $1000 plus surcharges.”


After reading this, I definitely don’t suggest driving with an expired license!

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In Arkansas, it’s about $460. That’s coming from personal experience.

Edit: Plus a $100 tow fee.

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Go online and find out. it usually says how to do this on the back of the ticket.

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Yeah I read that too but that’s the maximum. I’m hearing they don’t usually fine that unless you have an awful driving/ criminal record. Thanks Randy

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Randy, did u have to go to court? And how long did they give you to pay it?

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The fine is pretty hefty in Michigan, but I don’t this think its as high as Arkansas.

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@Sunsetseast yes, I had to go to court. My court date was about one month from the time I got the ticket and I had to option to pay it all then or to pay it out in three payments starting a month later than the court date. The amount for the fine was including the court cost.

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Do you have an expired license and are you considering driving with it? Is the potential fine a deterrent?

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In my jurisdiction, a traffic violation has to be observed by the officer, before a traffic stop can be made. how did the officer know your dl was expired?

What are the circumstances of your expired driver license? why are they expired?

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plus they would have to stop you for something else…..and you would get an additional fine, most likely.

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California Vehicle Code Division 6 – Driver’s Licenses
Chapter 4. Violation of License Provision
All the information you need is here.

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