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Do you think an (unofficial) Fluther IRC would be silly/redundant? Would you go?

Asked by Arp (3516points) August 28th, 2010

A few things:

I understand IRC is outdated and blahblahblah it isn’t facebook so it isn’t good, and all that. Just for your information, there are still a lot of IRC users out there, so shush :P

Yes, we have an active chat already, but an IRC channel would bring in an entirely different group of people (mainly the kind of people that know what IRC is!), and for those people it would be convenient, because they are already on their IRC client in the first place!

Yes, there would be Ops and Bots. Like in the good ol’ days (that I wasn’t alive for :3)

I would take the liberty to set up the IRC if there are at least a few people interested in the idea, not sure how much of fluther is interested, I am mainly just throwing the idea out there. If you think the idea is stupid, please let me know, because I really enjoy being told I am dumb ^_^

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I don’t know what an IRC is. :-(

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@JilltheTooth It is multi-player notepad ;)


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@Arp : Oh…thanks…guess I’m too old, don’t say more, I’ll get clarification from my tech savvier kid… scratching my temple while thinking

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I haven’t used IRC in a long time. I use to use it a lot when I was a teenager though. Good times back then. I probably wouldn’t use it again though.

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If you need a bot…

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@rebbel Oh yeah, I was gonna name the bot rebbel in your honor ;)

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@Seaofclouds With websites like, it is very simple to use IRC now, doesn’t take much time at all :)

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If there were a Fluther IRC, its first visitor would ask “How do I use IRC?”.

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@frdelrosario All in the fluther spirit! :)

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Wow Arp. Just when I thought you had the worst idea possible you managed to have a even worse one.

It is a bad idea since it isn’t needed and would only fragment chat more.

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Begs the question what the first bad idea was.

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@rebbel Exactly what I was thinking 0_o

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It’s just unnecessary complication. And I say this as someone who enjoys IRC. You’ve raised this idea in chat a few times and I don’t think anyone has responded positively to it.

And I have no idea what you mean by, ”but an IRC channel would bring in an entirely different group of people”. I’m pretty sure people aren’t going to randomly be browsing IRC channels, come upon ours, come in and learn all about the fantastic world of Fluther.
In any IRC channel I’ve been in that’s based around a specific community, I have never experienced people wandering in and sticking around.

Bots are a cute gimmick, but really not helpful or important. Like that one you had that failed you even tell you the weather, when I easily just went to a weather website and punched in your area and got a correct response.
and we have Ops. They’re mods.
People having (or lacking) Voice is unimportant, we barely ever have people act up in the first place, and when they do, I think they deserve the boot rather than being muted.

The only positive I can see for having an IRC chat is that we can just have an extra tab/window open in our IRC program as opposed to having an extra tab/window open in our browser.

Fluther chat works. Fluther chat is easy to understand, the only thing I’ve heard people ask about is “What do those stars next to some peoples’ names mean?”. Fluther chat is fine. Changing to IRC is a can of worms.

edit: whoops. Weather, not time. That’s what your bot failed to tell you.

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@Sarcasm @johnpowell

Yeah, you guys have a point. Just me being stupid, sorry for asking in the first place. At least now, when someone want to ask the same question, they will know that nothing good will come of it.

By the way, Sarc, I wasn’t on the channel with the bot. It wasn’t it’s fault. Bots are neat!

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Yes there are some people who I would love to -kill, I mean meet.-
No clue

Edit: completely missed the point of this question. I misinterpreted for something else..

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I have no idea what it is so I wouldn’t use it.

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Why would we want to use it? What do you envision its purpose being? Fluther has both the main fluther QA set-up and chat. What would IRC bring to the table that would be unique?

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I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I remember seeing them in the old Yahoo Chat rooms, they can be interesting. If it was to be done it could be based on the Fluther mascot (Dr Jelly).

But honestly I don’t think it would attract more people in the chat or on Fluther in general.

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