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Is the word "no" not in your vocabulary?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) September 1st, 2010

My wife says i have a hard time dealing with the word no. She may be correct. Sags. have a hard time with rejection and no just adds fuel to the fire. I like the word no, but i do not like the meaning of the word no. This may have come from my childhood, when honestly, my parents gave me just about everything i asked for. Was I a spoiled brat? No. not then and not now. Question: Do you or a friend or relative have a hard time dealing with the word “no”? Am I alone in this situation?

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It depends on what I’m asking.
I have been told I can be alittle headstrong NO! I DON’T THINK SO!! XD

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Lucy, ouch that hurt! i can tell the word no also hits you between the eyes.

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It is in my vocabulary, but it is hard to find it, in general, by me.
It is not under N most of the times.
What i mean, is that it is pretty hard for me to say no when people ask me things.
If my boss asks me to go to a certain place to join the work on a project, and i would rather not (for whatever reason) i just can not say it (most of the times).

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Great Caesar’s ghost, I say “no” all the time. People never like it because they think whenever they ask for something especially something they really want, it should be “yes” all the time—. I have to remind them, that when you ask most of the time it is 50/50 and if you were not prepared to hear the lower 50% don’t ask, find a way to do it yourself. Aside from 50/50 you have only 3 choices, yeas, no, and wait.

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I would say as I get older I am less tolerant of being told no. As an adult I rarely ask for something that is unreasonable, in my humble opinion, so no is not going to go over very well with me. The exception would be if I was asking someone for a personal favor, if they don’t want to, or don’t have the time, no is perfectly acceptable.

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@john65pennington Wait. I realized I am confused. You are asking if we have it in our vocabulary? Or, if we don’t like to be told no?

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At one time it wasn’t, always afraid to hurt someones feelings,but with age and wisdom I am getting better at saying NO!

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In the IT world, you have to harness the power of No I feel sometimes, especially being a programmer.

Some people don’t have a very strong understanding of math, and get a little too carried away in their thought process.

“No, it doesn’t work like that”

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Yes. No living person has told me “no” twice.

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<MISSING STRING>, the word <MISSING STRING> is not in my vocabulary.

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Are you asking if people don’t like the word ‘no’ specifically, but can handle the message, or if it doesn’t matter how it is said, it is the rejection that leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

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