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Will you share your funny word mix-ups and mispronounciations?

Asked by Coloma (47115points) September 1st, 2010

Word flubs and mis-takes, yours or a friends.

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Oops, wanted this in social…oh well, walk on the wild side. lol

Examples that have cracked me up recently, friend that bought a ’ self COMPELLING’ lawnmower and most recent, my daughters room mate that went to buy ’ Albuquerque’ tuna. lol

I always say ’ binster’ instead of dumpster.

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umm.. I took too much robotussin once and someone asked how I felt, to which I replied.. “Analgesically Jeezy” not sure what it fully means but.. it fit at the time.

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Is that like a Dimetap nap? Used to joke about those when my daughter was small. haha

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@Coloma Flag it, check “other”, and tell the mods to put it in the Social section

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I’ll see what happens, maybe they will do it anyway. lol

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We learned about ideographs in the evolution of writing the other day, and I guess that it meant “idiot pictures” (it means idea pictures)...

Typed in antichrist instead of anarchist.

I call this one booze “Chupacabra” because I can never remember the name of it, or the pronunciation. It’s called Cachaçaça

I started reading porn when I was 11, but it wasn’t until I was 13 that I realized that orgasm and organism are spelled differently. I thought it was just like stalk (part of a plant) and stalk (follow/harass a person).

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i used to say “sukamarket” instead of “supermarket” as a kid. my parents loved it.
my sister called my uncle ted, uncle “head” forever and me either “pam” or “fam” instead of “sam”... she was also one of those kids that said “fuck” instead of “fork”
my dad was helping me study for a 4th or 5th grade science test and said “orgasm” instead of “organism” while reading from my textbook… talk about awkward!!

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This girl in Mobile, Alabama when I was about 11 or 12 said she wanted us to go out and eat at Ruby “Toos-dees” (Tuesdays).. I said Too what? Say the days of the week I said.. Mondee Toosdee Wensdee Thrusdee Fridee Saturdee Sundee… It was so catchy I still pronounce them that way today.

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[mod says] Question moved to Social. Enjoy!

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My husband and I were having a discussion the other night about what he is planning to do in regards to the military. Instead of saying “stay in or get out” while we were talking, I kept saying “stay out or get in”. He laughed at me each time I said it.

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I always get a chuckle when I hear someone mistake phantom for fathom. “I just can’t phantom that!”

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My son used to use ‘f’ instead of ‘sm’. We were quick to buy him M&M’s.

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@faye Can you give me an example?

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Once, I meant to tell my partner how erratic my schedule was, but it came out as “erotic”. Freudian slip? We still joke about erotic schedules, six years later.

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When I was a kid I used to call condominiums “condoms” instead of “condos”

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@poofandmook OMG I did that too! Except, instead of as a kid, as an adult.

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lol….condoms, hahahaha

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I once addressed a couple at closing time in a store I worked in years ago as ’ and how are you F—K’s today?’ lol

Classic freudian slip as it was closing time and my thought was, of course, ‘oh f—k, more customers.’ hahaha

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My daughter can not say the letter T that well. She has a Snow Wipe doll. I think it is cute.

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Haha love it!

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One time my sister was upset that my dad was squishing a lot of ants in the house, so she told him “you’re going to kill the pop antilation” (kill the ant population). Me and her still think it’s pretty funny. :D

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My family is always doing stuff like this. Some favorites:

My youngest used to call the computer a ‘pacuter’. She also coined the word ‘deliciyum’ (delicious and yummy, rolled into one). I combine two words into one by accident all the time, too.

I was telling the girls a story about a boy who was riding his bike on a frozen lake and fell through the ice. My middle daughter asked, “Why was he riding his like on a bake, anyway?”

I once said goodbye to a customer on a business call, added “I love you” and hung up. I guess it was better than calling him a fucker! :p

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I thought “pubic hairs” were “cubic hairs”

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My wife bought me an exercise machine for Christmas and a few days later she left the following status update on facebook:

“The exercise thing I got (crazyivan) for X-mas is awesome! I just did a thirty minute workout and I pooped!”

Who would have thought an apostrophe and an “M” could make so much difference in meaning.

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LOL…very good!

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