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What words or phrases do you find annoying?

Asked by jca2 (15896points) April 3rd, 2019

What words or phrases do you find annoying?

I’ll post mine in a few.

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I’ve said before & so will say again, “I’m sorry for your loss” bugs the crap out of me.

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“I didn’t do nuthin’!” from school kids. It will send me smooth over the moon! My poor son used that phrase once, when he was about 7. “Once” is the key word here.

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“Trust me”
An honest person would not need to say this before adding what comes after those words.

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“I have to be honest…” or “I’m not gonna lie…” to Judge Judy! Judge Judy doesn’t like it either. (;

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I think the term “classy” sounds stupid and antiquated. I envision someone in a rayon wrap dress with big hair, right out of 1976.

I thing the description “super-cute” is just so teenager-ish. I say “super” all the time but “super-cute” is so cutesy.

To me, when something has a lower price, it’s “on sale” not “on special.” “On special” sounds hickish. “High dollar,” same thing. Expensive, yes. Posh, yes. High dollar, stupid.

“Tasty” annoys me, too. “Tastes good” yes. “Delicious” yes. “Great” yes. “Tasty,” I know there’s nothing wrong with it but it annoys me.

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Literally- as in “He fell and literally broke his arm”

Also, one I hear a lot these days- “We need to have a conversation about…” Which means no conversation would be required if everyone who disagrees with me would shut the fuck up.

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“On sell” will also drive me through the roof!

The word “moist” makes me feel creepy.

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There’s a lot of hatred for the word “moist.” Hahaha @Dutchess_III

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I think it’s, like, used in porn a LOT! A lot more than, say, “Dry.” ;)

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“Journey” when used by actors at awards ceremonies.

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Servers asking “how’s it tasting?” (often feels like they are instructed to say that, seems inappropriate both in wording and intrusiveness)

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From your article, @jca2, ”“Moist” seems bad when following “paradise” but not when following a really negative word, like a racial slur. ”. Like, how would using it after a racial slur even work? Like, “Moist honkey” I can sort of understand, but “Honkey moist” I do not.

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@Zaku I also don’t like when servers ask “Are you still working on that?”

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“Have a blessed day” really pisses me off.

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“Thoughts and prayers.” I’m like, how lazy can you be? You can’t be bothered to dig a little deeper and come up with something heartfelt for the victims?

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I am really tired of people telling me how something resonates with them. Like they’re a bunch of tuning forks.

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When people say “hugging on” instead of hugging, “loving on” instead of loving, “lying on” instead of lying, “screaming on” instead of screaming at.

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“With all due respect, but….”

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“We have staff for that”
I mean c’mon…really? ;-}

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@janbb The worst version I had of that was a server who swooped by as I was taking what seemed to him like the last bite of something and said “Right on time!” as he snatched the plate from under my fork and walked away with it. Pretty entertaining, though…

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I get annoyed with servers who say, “Is that all you’re going to eat?”

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‘You have a minure to chat?’

No Cathy, but now I stopped working so you can tell me in 30 min what could have been a two line email.

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Make America Great Again.

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“It is what it is”

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“Woke”. Just no. I hear this one used sincerely by fellow millennials and it makes me want to hurl. Similarly anyone who uses the word “cuck” seriously. You immediately invalidate any point you might have had by saying that. (I’m okay with the word “millennial” if not used pejoratively).

Some other young people words I hate:


If you don’t recognize these, consider yourself lucky. :)

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What is wrong with “woke” bruh?
And how would one use the word “cuck?” Is it the past tense of “cock”?
And you also lost me at “GOAT.”

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^^^^ @Dutchess_III “cuck” is short for “cuckold”; some use it disparagingly, others use it as a specific kink.

GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

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Oh. Thanks. Now I know everything.

There are a lot of short cut words that the “cool kids” use on FB that drive me a little mad. Can’t think of them right off the bat right now.

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‘Going forward’ – What’s wrong with ‘in future’?
‘PIN number’ – No! The ‘N’ in PIN already stands for number.
‘Empower’ – What does it even mean, other than ‘let the lowest ranked worker take the responsibility.’
‘Investing in people’ like it’s some saintly virtue. When you invest in something, you’re looking for maximum return for minimum outlay.
‘Cheap/expensive prices’ – No again. A price is just a number. The goods are cheap/expensive, the price is low/high.
‘Less’ when it should be ‘fewer’, as in ‘10 items or less’ in a supermarket. It’s less in amount, fewer in number.

I’ll stop now, and let by blood pressure come down a bit.

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