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How do I go about learning HTML?

Asked by silvermoon (753points) September 1st, 2010

How do I go about learning HTML? I have a blog and would like to make my own background design but don’t remember the parts of HTML I did know – even that wouldn’t be enough to make a great background.

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just look up html tutorial on either youtube or google. you should learn javascript and css too if you’re looking into doing web design. heres a good website with a lot of tutorials on all of them

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I personally had an HTML book. I preferred this over reading tutorials on the computer, so I can do work with the computer while reading at the same time. That way I didn’t have to open multiple windows or tabs or anything.

You can buy some really good HTML books at Borders. Maybe bring your laptop in, read the book and try some stuff out while there.

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W3schools is okay, but Tizag is a lot better. I’ve used both. Also Tizag has a great CSS tutorial if you move on to that.

Other than that, you should just jump right in. The best way to learn things is to do them.

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The way I initially learned html was by looking at the html of other sites by right-clicking any webpage, then selecting view source. Of course, that was back in ‘99, when there were more pure html websites out there. But if you’re learning for a blog, you can do something similar by examining your blog’s template. Start out fiddling with the CSS towards the top. If you do anything you don’t like, you can reset the template. Try googling tags you can’t figure out yourself.

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@chels I’ll check that out ! :D

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HTML is a very easy language to will find tons of sources online for PDF files, video tutorials, e-books etc..there is no need to spend will find free stuff too.Once try to google it and check you tube also.Good luck.thank you.

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