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Would you trust this state lottery?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) September 2nd, 2010

Several years ago, my state lottery’s computer was manipulated by one person. This state employee programmed the computer’s winning numbers in order for it to not produce double numbers. No more 221, 443, or 990 in the pick three, if you get my drift. This employee readily admitted to “fixing” the state lottery computer for this desired effect. To my knowledge, this employee was never arrested. The whole fraud situation just faded into the sunset. Our lottery numbers are drawn by a computer, at random, not by bingo balls as used by most states. Question: If this incident had occured in your home state, would you trust or play your states lottery ever again?

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Nope, I wouldn’t.

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I don’t pay my state’s “Stupid tax” anyway.

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I don’t even trust the ones with the bingo balls.

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Isn’t that how lotteries work? You give them some money, they give you a ticket, and you throw the ticket in the trash can. As long as I get my ticket that verifies my donation, I’m happy.


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I’d want to be the programmer that wrote the code rules the computer follows to pick the numbers. Is anything really ever truly random?

If it is public information that the program never spits out double numbers I don’t see anything unfair about it. I think the computer code should be public information though otherwise there is one guy out there that has an advantage.

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Do people really pay to play that stuff. I thought everyone knew it was rigged.

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You have a better chance of getting hit by a city bus on a rainy day in Chicago than winning the lottery.

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