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What was your worst subject in school?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) September 3rd, 2010

High school or college, it does not matter.

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French. I disliked my teacher immensely and as a result it affected my performance in class.

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They blinded me with Science.

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@Frenchfry playground bullies.

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@JubalHarshaw awww! That’s horrible. Recess was one of my better subjects. Mean people suck.

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Math. I understood it in theory but I’d often get the answers wrong anyway. Damn dyscalculia

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Ditto with @MacBean :-/

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Almost everything except English grammar and lit. I was lacking in languages, mediocre in math, barren in biology, and totally inept in athletics. I never failed a grade, but the only honor I got was Summa Cum Lousy.

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I could cram and memorize well enough to get Bs, but the minute the test was over, POOF – right out of my head.

I could never grasp the theories behind it.

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Math for the same reason as @cprevite it didn’t help that I was in a green room with no windows and a monotone teacher, and The fact that the class was out of control was not a plus.

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Math, my stomach churns just thinking of it!

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Organic chemistry ruined my chances for vet school. I’ve never been so incapable of understanding; it made me feel like a complete failure. Nothing else in college even seemed particularly difficult, but I was incapable of making a good grade in organic.

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I hated chemistry…

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PE (sport) and Maths followed by Science (Chemistry and Physics – I was ok at Biology).

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English, I always was very uninterested in English class. I preferred math, science, history, and music. When I was in English class, I would do my work from other classes instead of paying attention, so it affected my grades. (By affected my grades, it meant I got a B or C instead of an A, which is what I got in most other classes.)

Geometry was also a bad one for me (and the only math class I ever hated). I hated learning all the formulas and my teacher was very mean and unhelpful. (It was AP Geometry in 9th grade and I still get mad about the teacher.)

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Sex Education. My lab partner was cranky because I always finished the homework while she was just getting started.

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Calculus. I did just well enough to pass the course.

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Oddly, I got the worst grades in my major.

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@ratboy: very nice. :^)

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@wundayatta What was your major?

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Science, by a long shot. English was the only subject I excelled at (and was often bored to tears by because of the busy work) and I was okay at passing my history courses. I understood math well enough to reach Calculus when I was a senior, but I hated it. Wish I had not taken the class, to be honest. Science… well, I was rubbish at that. I had to repeat a semester of Chemistry (I took an Honors course; not a good idea in retrospect.) For whatever reason, I just cannot force myself to study for science classes. It’s always been that way.

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Definitely Chemistry.
I did better in biology, forensics and even physics!

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Thanks to Physics, I now believe in ghosts, . Newton just kicked my ass today.

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History, geography.

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Definitely French. I have no aptitude for languages at all. Maths was also something I was bad at until I was around 14, then something clicked and I suddenly started liking it, and ended up getting an A-level in it.

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Right now im still in school, just moved to Denmark. I have been studying in Icelandic for the past 4 years. Now im doing Pre-IB , all in english!
I dislike science, was in french_but due to me not knowing any French I’ve droped out of that class_
Social Studies, social science, english grammar, biology, chemistry. all those am bad!
except for algebra.

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So far in College, I’ve failed one class. (Java) Programming. That was by far my worst class. It’s not fair to have a teacher with a strong Italian accent teach any language other than Italian.
In high school, English was probably my worst subject. I can’t do essays. That doesn’t fit with my writing habits at all. My grades reflected that.
Most boring class? In College, Sociology. In high school, Psychology. So uninteresting.

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Physics. The teacher didn’t believe girls should study science, so he put us in the back of the room and ignored us the entire class. This was in the late 1950’s. Since I had all A’s in my other classes, I withdrew from the class. Before that I reported him, and he was replaced near the end of the semester.

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I hated any thing to do with History. Odd that I now watch the History channel.

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Anything involving math or mathlike, I can count—for the most part

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Math. I sucked at it. One time I got a 42 on a math test and this boy said “If we were playing golf, you would have won.” What a fucking tool!

Interestingly enough (or not) a surprising amount of my day in the publishing world involves computing statistics & budgets. Who would have guessed that?

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Handwriting. Got a zero mark in a report card. Teacher didn’t care that I had a broken wrist.

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