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What subjects that you had in school actually contributed something to your life so far?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) July 14th, 2010

Which have you used in your career, or which have been helpful in your life in general? Or did you just meet your best friend in one these classes? :)

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On a whim I decided to take Japanese classes during High School. It completely changed my life. Not only did I live in Japan for a bit which was awesome, but it has let me have all sorts of interesting adventures and meet all sorts of cool friends along the way. I think that learning any second language/culture allows you to better reflect on your main culture and other cultures in the world, so in that sense it has changed the way I think. Plus I got it in my head during my teens so even though I haven’t studied it for years it’s still there and probably always will be. Hands down the most life-changing school result.

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My college communications class I feel taught me the most. I learned public speaking which I still hate to do more than anything. But most of all I learned the proper way to best formulate and communicate a thought or idea. I had a really great teacher who was very thorough in her critique of my efforts and really taught me the right and wrong of what I was doing. I was pretty scattered all over the place before that class.

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In high school, Typing, math, and English.

In college, my History courses, public speaking, and English!

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All of my Literature classes since that is the subject I now teach and French since I am frequently in France. Most of the other subjects have contributed in some way to my understanding of the world and/or my ability to interpret information.

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My degrees are in English. I hated the few writing classes I took in high school and started off college as a Biology major. I took a writing class the last semester of my freshman year. The professor changed my attitude. After that class I switched my major to English. I write for a living and have never been more pleased with my decision to switch majors.

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English. For general purposes.

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Wow .. there are too many to name. Althought I don’t necessarily use everything that I learned in every class on a day in day out basis, I would say that I learned something in just about every class I had that is useful daily.

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wind ensemble…...psychology

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Everything and all.

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Typing one and two. without my typing classes, i would not be able to answer and ask questions on Fluther so easily. typing is it.

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@john65pennington – ah, me too! I totally forgot about that one….that (besides english class where i learned grammar and things) must be the only thing from school i really use in my daily life. :D

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Most of them! :-)

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Elementary school math and high school chorus

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English grammar and literature.

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AP World History definitely gave me a whole new perspective on the rest of the world. And certainly French 1–4 because I learned that I have a knack for pronunciation of, using, and understanding languages, and I have fallen in love with the culture and plan to travel there someday.

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All my life, I thought I hated history. Then I failed 10th grade history and took summer school.

There I met the teacher that taught me that history isn’t all boring lectures from a monotone teacher that was holding out for retirement. It’s actually about people that did stuff. And it was fascinating. Most of my hobbies and interests contain historical studies to this day.

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English, history and art have been valuable for my hobbies and interests. English and maths have been essential in my professional life.

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English and Psychology have helped me tremendously in the development of story lines and characters for my screenplays.

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All my art teachers have as I now work as an artist.
Without the encouragement of my high school art teacher,I never would’ve appliied for and won a full scholarship.
My mother,however was the one who nurtured my love of art….and I’d like to thank the Academy…;)

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@lucillelucillelucille – aw…well that’s great for you. :)

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@NaturallyMe -Thank you…thank you very muccchhhh! ;)

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I’d say there are things from each class that have stuck with me that I’ve used over the years. I use a lot of math and science with my career, so I would say those have stuck with me the most.

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Career-wise: economics, math, English (writing), and the all-important typing class.
Personal: English (both writing and literature) and math.

The Greek and Roman Mythology class in 8th grade was fascinating, and it was helpful on a recent trip to Rome. I’d like to say that the Home Economics class was helpful, but since I gave up sewing years ago and never really learned how to cook…

The “Geology of Virginia” course in college was a stupid choice. I got an F, got a job in the hotel industry, and moved out of state. (You were right Mom.)

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Biology. In the 7th grade we had to learn the basic bones. Our teacher taught in such a way that I remembered them 17 years later when I studied anatomy in massage school. I had a big advantage. Coincidentally, that same teacher was my 10th grade biology teacher, where he caught us some of the muscles and much about the body systems. He was a great teacher, and I used many of his lessons in relearning it for my career.

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@ubersiren – that’s great. :) Biology was my favourite subject in school, but i never ended up doing anything with it career wise….i wish maybe i had though.

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I have learned so much through my schooling. My AP English class in high school really developed my writing skills and all the special research classes led me to an amazing time as a cancer researcher. In college, I loved all the anthropology classes and I should have paid attention because now I’m going to become a sociologist instead of a doctor and I wish I knew that sooner. In grad school, my history of public health and advocacy classes were most influential.

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I just spent two days in the Louvre and the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. I used every gram of the single semester of art history I took in college 25 years ago.

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Lol… he “caught” us some muscles hahaha. Oh geez.

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Probably all of them.

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@ubersiren Maybe the professor was also an Ichthyologist, and “he caught us some of the mussels…”

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I spent at total of over 30 years in school. I can’t think of a since course I took that did not benefit me directly or indirectly. I’ve taken such a wide range of courses that listing them would be far too demanding a task.

I still learn new things all the time.

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I have to say I like your questions!! lol I just followed you randomly but I really like your questions. Anyway!! I think that Art, Chorus, and English have probably contributed the most in my life. Probably just because I like more artistic things…I know someone who wants to be a mathematician will definitely not agree with me :-p but I think that Art helped me realize how much I love drawing, painting (etc), and Chorus helped me realize how much I love performing and singing, and English helped me with my grammar, and all that good stuff. And all of the above have helped broaden my mind so that I have become more accepting and open-minded as a person. :)

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@k8tie2237 – Well thank you! :) And thanks for the answer.

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All of them, actually. Math, physics, chemistry, biology, history, geography, English, French, music…

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English…I use the stories to relate to my life… do you know that Hamlet faked being crazy to find out his fathers killer?

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I use math every day.
While I don’t use my communications and PR skills to their fullest, and certainly not professionally, I do use them for customer service and to maintain my goodwill balance at work.

I use my philosophy and history classes online a lot.

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Science,Psychology,History and English.
College enriched my life.

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