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What is "Bugless Beast?"?

Asked by metadog (378points) September 3rd, 2010

Hi! I am a new Droid 2 owner and, while loving it, am still experiencing poor battery life and some signal fluctuations. In looking around, I keep seeing reference to the “Bugless Beast” ROM. The implication is that many of the problems I am experiencing might be fixed by going down this path. Would you be able to give me a newbie explanation of this thing and an understanding on why I might be interested in it? Also, what would be the down side? Can I revert back to the stock Verizon software if things go wrong? Is it hard to install, etc? Thanks!

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It is an alternitave ROM software for the phone, that was complied by a 3rd party from source.

Sometimes they are better optimized or have more features.

You need root access on the phone to install it, I am not sure what the process for the droid 2 is ( i have original).

You can revert provided you have the proper software to load the images. You do run the risk of trashing your phone if you try this.

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