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What android phone should I get my girlfriend for her birthday?

Asked by ScottyMcGeester (1897points) June 5th, 2017

She needs a new phone – BADLY.

She can barely do anything. I think it’s a Samsung – don’t know the model other than she’s had it for years. She constantly has an issue with memory – not enough storage space. She’s unable to play many apps like Pokemon Go and such. It has really slow load times. She can’t even use Instagram – and we’ve been wanting to both be on Instagram.

I’ve been thinking about getting her a new phone for a while and now I want to do it.

I don’t know crap about phones though. It’s hard to keep up with them since they dish them out and the newest one becomes obsolete so quickly.

So the criteria would be:

2. Good memory storage

3. Able to play Pokemon Go. It would also be great to know if the hardware of the phone is able to use AR. I know mine can’t. There’s a certain piece of hardware that I don’t remember now what it’s called, but it gives the phone the ability to use AR.

4. Relatively fast. She always has trouble loading GPS and browser.

On a final note – I’ve never bought a phone for anyone before. I assume she has to go to the store to activate it or something or deal with whatever plan she has or whatever with her service provider? (Verizon)

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I have a Pixel XL by Google, and I am very happy with it. Verizon sells them, too.

My model does not have the larger memory size, because I don’t use a lot of apps, and I do not play any games. It comes in a size with 128 memory. I believe that is the most any phone has at present.

There is a separate headset to use for virtual reality. I have it, and my kids like it. I used it once.

Samsung came out with a new phone: Galaxy S8, I think it is.

I chose the Google Pixel over the models by other makers, because there is no bloat. Bloat is the term used to describe apps the phone’s maker preloads on the phone that cannot be deleted. Samsung makes their own internet browser. They’ve had it for years, but I only last week actually heard of someone who uses that browser. I know thousands of people who use Chrome or another browser. On all my past phones, I have honestly never used bloat ever. It is a waste of space on the phone’s memory storage.

I also chose the Google phone, because it is the first to get upgrades when Google puts out a new version of Android. I often waited an entire year to get upgrades from Samsung.

Finally, the camera on the Google phone is the best on the market. I like it a lot. A good friend who adores Apple products said my camera is better than the one on his iPhone.

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Most recent SmartPhones should handle AR and VR. Samsung 7 is still available (last year’s model) for about $600 from Verizon Wireless.

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Samsung 8 is just over $750, at that price or even the $600 ^ I get insurance for $11/month.
Read the fine print on the insurance on the VZ website.

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I got myself an LG Spirit 4G for 165€ with 8GB internal memory last year.
There is no reason to waste 750$ on a phone.

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There are a ton of nice Android phones out there, here’s something unique:

Nextbit Robin
$149 US on Amazon
Unlocked, works on multiple carriers
It comes in Mint Blue ( or black but I think mint is cooler)
It’s getting the latest version of Android (7.1.1)

But it does not work with Verizon, she would have to switch phone companies, but that is not a big deal if she is not on a contract with an early termination fee (if she has an old phone, she is probably not on a contract).

I like T-Mobile and a T-Mobile store can help move the number over and activate the phone.

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Can’t she buy her own thing.??Get her iPhone instead.:)

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None. She should go with you. Let her choose the color, feel, screen size, and all that. According to HER preferences.

The, go for the Moto G5 plus. Android. Solid, well reviewed, and less than half the cost of the others.

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HOLD THE PHONE EVERYBODY (no pun intended)


that Nexbit Robin looks sexy and cute as fuck and is something I know she would love. I’ll look more into it though.

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I have a new Galaxy S6+, my partner has a new S6. We both love our Samsungs.

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I agree that the Moto G5 plus would also be a good choice.

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Hm. Not sure about the Nextbit Robin anymore. It’s pretty and innovative but apparently jarring to work with. Moto G5 plus has better reviews.

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I like the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It has a nice stylus feature, and quite good everything else.

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I really like Samsung phones, but they’re loaded with a lot of bloatware. I went with an HTC, which is great, last time we replaced my phone. Do some research into which phones have the least bloatware. They all have some, but it really affects your available memory if you do use a number of apps on your phone.

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Motorola minimizes the bloatware, their phones are closest to stock Android after the Google & Nexus models.

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I have an HTC One that I also like, and like the design.

The bloatware on the Note Five is there but not excessive. I did disable the bloat auto-updates, which was my only real issue with the bloatware. The Note Five has so much memory, the bloatware doesn’t make much impact at all. I have been hoarding photos and videos and recordings for over a year and still have bunches of free space.

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So I figured that it would be better to actually be with her and let her choose the phone. I still was able to surprise her by having us walk into a T-Mobile store. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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