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What's up with the prohibition on car sales in many U.S. states on Sundays?

Asked by ru2bz46 (6743points) September 3rd, 2010

It seems that various blue laws prevent alcohol sales in many states, but the same states tend to prohibit car sales as well. If it has to do with “machines that do work”, such as Texas’ law preventing the sale of hammers on Sundays (while selling nails is OK), why don’t those states prohibit hammer sales too? It seems that the poor cars are getting a bum rap…

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We leave Sundays closed for car sales because that’s the only time a potential consumer can go shopping without getting attacked by salesmen.

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Most Texas blue laws were repealed some 25 years ago. You can now buy all the hammers you want next time you drive through Fort Worth. I believe the car sale ban may still be in effect but I’m not certain. A lot of states that have these stupid laws are considering repealing them to help boost the economy. That god we don’t have these laws here in California.

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As long as I’ve been around cars, I haven’t paid any attention to this, never encountered it. Our poor sales staff would LOVE to have a designated day off each to spend with family or just to be able to see other humans outside of work during daylight hours.

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The cynic in me thinks this has something to do with Jesus.

I can imagine some small-town car dealerships having their buddies on the legislature, or county board, or city council… banning car sales on sundays, because they go to church, and don’t want to have to lose business to the unsaved.

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Jews can’t work on Shabbat (Saturday), so if car sales are banned on Sunday as well, it’s two days that Jews can’t take business from upstanding Christian businesses.

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