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I lost my job on Friday. What are the next steps I should take?

Asked by phoenyx (7385points) September 5th, 2010

I’ve, fortunately, never lost a job before. I’ve always had something lined up before moving on. I’ve been doing the standard stuff like working on my resume, checking through job listings, letting my friends on Facebook know, etc. However, I’m sure there are things I haven’t considered. Wanna brainstorm with me?

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You might want to find out if you qualify for unemployment. Also, contact everyone you know in your industry and start networking to find out what is out there right now. Good luck!

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Sign up for unemployment s you may get some income while searching for another job. Good luck.

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Is there an organziation in your profession with meetings you can attend to network? A local community college with free career counseling or a jobs board?

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Forgo all non-essential spending, even if you have decent financial cushion. The jobless stretch may be longer than anticipated (voice of experience, here). Coffee, cheese, soda, booze, cable TV – there are tons of things we take for granted which can be skipped for a while.

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What are your plans for health insurance? Is that an issue with you? You might want to check on COBRA although it is very expensive.

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save your pennies,.....file for unemployment…..if you have protection on credit cards, file for it.
Find ways to get rx cheaper, there is much help there.

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Was there a competitor you always thought you should have been working for instead? If so then walk in a resume and see if you can get an HR person to accept it in person. I once got a very good job by going to a competitor and telling the truth of downsizing but that it gave me the opportunity to look into their company which loyalty to the first had always kept me from. They liked the way it sounded and gave me over to a series of managers for an impromptu interview. Good luck out there.

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File immediately for umemployment the will give you a chacll by the daye you apply. So if you apply in Sept and it does not go through till October. You will get back pay.Give you a mighty big check. Check Craiglist and the Newspaper. Go to site like to apply and search. Go to the unemployment agency. File for food stamps and others if it’s applicable or needed. Gool luck it’s hard but don’t give up.

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I wish I could edit .Look at those mistakes too late. I was cooking dinner I am sorry.
File immediately for unemployment they will give you a check by the day you apply.So if you apply in Sept. and it does not go through till October. You will get back pay. Give you a mighty big check. Check Craiglist, and the newspaper. Got to site like to apply and search for jobs. ot to the unemplyment agency. File for food stamps and others if it’s applicable, or needed. Good Luck it’s hard. but don’t give up.

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Apply right away for unemployment.

Begin your networking right away. Contact everyone you know and let them know you are looking for work. Ask them to notify you if they have any leads.

Start going to meeting of professional associations in your field in your area.

Do you have any professors you were close to in school? Contact them.

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Thank you all.

These are a lot of great suggestions. I hadn’t even thought of unemployment, I’ll have to look into it on Tuesday.

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@phoenyx Many states allow you to apply online, which I strongly recommend if your state does.

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