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Should Mark David Chapman be paroled?

Asked by rts486 (3013points) September 7th, 2010

Mark David Chapman is up for parole again. This will be his sixth attempt. He is serving 20 to life for murdering John Lennon. Should he be paroled? If you answered no, would you give the same answer if he had murdered an unknown individual picked at random?

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I don’t know if he should be paroled though I’m leaning to saying no and it makes no difference that he murdered John Lennon over some other person.

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I don’t know anything about his state of mind with regards to what he did, so I can’t really make an honest judgment call based on anything that I find all that important. But I lean toward “no” if only because he’s so high-profile that he’d probably end up being killed if he managed to get released, and then someone else would be taking up prison space, so what’s even the point?

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No. Even if he had murdered a less famous person, I’d still say “no” if only because his method was just so cold and calculated. He pretty much stalked the man. How cruel.

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Here is what Yoko Ono feels about it:
On July 27, 2010 Yoko Ono stated that she would again oppose parole for Chapman stating that her safety and that of John’s sons would be at risk, as would Chapman’s. She added “I am afraid it will bring back the nightmare, the chaos and confusion (of that night) once again.”[39]

On August 11, 2010, Chapman’s sixth attempt at parole was postponed until September. The parole board said that they were awaiting the receipt of additional information to complete Chapman’s record.[40]

I would want to honor her feelings and keep him locked up.

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I think it should be denied as well. I really dislike the idea of parole and criminals getting out before they serve their whole sentence.

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No he shouldn’t. Anyone who purposely kills someone else should have been executed.
I feel the same way about a family member who purposely killed someone and has been up for parole several times. A cold blooded murderer does not deserve 3 meals a day or air to breathe. Why should they cost tax payers while the loved ones are forever without the person they murdered.

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Damn. It reminded me of how much I miss John. Is it too late to just execute him?

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