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What kind of thinker are you?

Asked by Fly (8726points) September 8th, 2010

We are currently learning about the brain in my AP psychology class, and it got me thinking…what kinds of thinkers make up the Fluther community?
Do you think with your left or right brain?
Somewhere in-between?
(For those of you that are unaware, left is logical and right is creative.)
Don’t know? There are several fairly accurate tests and methods to determine what side of your brain you generally use.

Personally, I am in-between the two, but very close to being a left brain thinker, which makes sense for me.

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I’m a more rational and pragmatic thinker. You know where I belong.

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According to the test in the link you provided, I am a left-brain thinker (59%) and my predominate trait for left-brain were Linear / Verbal / Reality-Based (43, 40, and 40%) and my right-brain traits were Non-Verbal and Fantasy (44% and 38%). These two seem somewhat contradictory to me.

None of this really means anything to me. I think the questions they asked box readers to readily into categories. Anyway, I still don’t know what type of thinker I am but it is interesting to contemplate.

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I can make the dancing lady move to the right or to the left. I guess I’m a moron.

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I am a little bit of both, a lot like you Fly.

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Not sure, I think I have a logical thought pattern, but it is never the same as most of the people I know. I have been told I use both sides of my brain depending on the task I am given. Neither one seems to be dominant.

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@muppetish I agree, a completely multiple-choice test isn’t the best way to test it, but it seemed to be the most credible one I could find online. The tests that we took in my class included having someone write down which direction one looked when asked certain questions and free-response questions in addition to multiple-choice, which is likely a much more accurate way to determine the way that one thinks.

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Apparently, I’m “balanced brained.”

Other tests have given me the same results.

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:( It makes this neuroscientist very sad that your class is teaching you this. That quiz is a gross exaggeration of what is actually known about hemispheric lateralization.

This is what I would say neuroscientists agree on:

1. Language processing usually happens in the left hemisphere.
2. Item 1 tends not to be true in lefties.
3. Sensorimotor processing (movement, tactile information) happens contralaterally—this means that the left side of the body is processed by the right hemisphere, and vice versa. (Visual processing is both contralateral and ipsilateral—this one is trickier.)
4. The left hemisphere is more involved in processing details, and the right hemisphere is more involved in processing central or holistic information.
5. In women, the left amygdala is more involved than the right in emotional memories, but in men, this flips. (My lab discovered this!)

Sorry for getting all pedantic on you.

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I like to think in a creative and logical way. I use my gut feeling pretty much every day.
47% left
53% right

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At times, 0% left and 0% right. That can be seen from the lack of direction in my life! Quite tragic actually!

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According to the test you linked, I’m 50% left and 51% right. My most dominate left characteristic was 42% symbolic while my least dominate left characteristic was 0% reality-based. My most dominate right characteristic was 46% concrete while my least dominate right characteristic was 12% random.

I’ve done tests in the past that have also pegged me as being a right brained thinker. This is the first one that’s had me midway.

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Could anyone mistake me for a thinker?

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It is very simplistic and really incorrect to say that left is logical and right is creative. While the right hemisphere is superior at nonverbal and spatial tasks, these are ALSO logical. Many or even most logical and math problems can be solved both by verbal/formulaic methods and by visual/spatial problem solving. And to more directly answer your question, I’m about a 75% right-hemispheric thinker.

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I am also 50% left and 51% right. I don’t know which hemisphere wants to tell them to check their math.

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@faye I was thinking that too. I even looked at it twice to be sure I was seeing the right thing.

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I’m 52% right, 48% left. I am not in the slightest bit surprised by this result.

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Right – 57%, Left – 43%

Your Left Brain Percentages
46% Logical (Your most dominant characteristic)
34% Symbolic
34% Verbal
27% Reality-based
18% Sequential
6% Linear (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages
45% Random (Your most dominant characteristic)
43% Intuitive
40% Fantasy-oriented
28% Concrete
25% Nonverbal
24% Holistic (Your least dominant characteristic)

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47% left, 53% right.

Your Left Brain Percentages
40% Verbal (Your most dominant characteristic)
38% Logical
34% Symbolic
31% Sequential
27% Linear
27% Reality-based (Your least dominant characteristic)

Your Right Brain Percentages
50% Random (Your most dominant characteristic)
37% Concrete
34% Intuitive
32% Nonverbal
32% Fantasy-oriented
30% Holistic (Your least dominant characteristic)

I’ve always thought of myself as more of a creative thinker and some of these analysis’ go along fairly well with how I act, but who knows.

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According to that test I am 54% left and 46% right. Regarding the test’s accuracy, however, I would like to note two statements from the linked site’s own disclaimer:

“The test has been made using extensive and detailed research. However, despite the first-rate information used to create this test, tests should not be considered complete or accurate.


“Information on on test should be read with common sense and be aware that the information provided on is very general and, as such, are unlikely to reflect your specific situation.

In fact, the whole disclaimer seems to be saying “just kidding!”

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