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I had a dream about my crush (who happens to be my neighbor) walk into his apartment hold a pack of beer. What could this possibly mean?

Asked by QuWHYette (9points) September 9th, 2010

It’s a little stupid crush. I don’t talk to him. It’s like I’m his secret admirer. He lives on his own. If you need any other information to help answer my dream question let me know! I’ll be happy to answer.

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It means that you have him on your mind (but then you already knew that).

It could also mean you ate too close to bedtime.

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What kind of beer was it?

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maybe your wondering on how to please him… like they say show up naked and bring beer…I suggest you don’t act on it… but you can still bring the beer

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it was Smirnoff actually i just realized !

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“To see or drink beer in your dream, represents happiness, fogginess, or inspiration. It also indicates that you have quite a social life.”

Dream Moods Dream Dictionary

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I guess I’ll have to stop doing yard work shirtless and sweaty. Lemme’ know if you’d like to borrow sum shugahh!

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Questions involving dreams about crushes need to be banned.

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It means you owe me money ;)

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It means you owe ME money. And, you need to get laid.

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