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Lost faith in the political system?

Asked by Harold (4122points) September 9th, 2010

In Australia, we have just had a minority government that the majority of Australians don’t want installed because of the votes of a couple of independents. What type of political system allows two or three individuals to decide the political future of a nation, against the will of the people? Our country is great despite its political system, not because of it!

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I lost faith a long time ago. But I hold out hope of some change.

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Lost faith in politics back when they assassinated Kennedy, and white-washed the affair. Coup d’etats are never pretty.

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Yes, and that may be for a country – because it’s citizens are also the politicians and the government. You are your country, every one of its members – not any kind of “representative” government. As such, take some things in your own hands in your respective communities – instead of looking at the great overarching scheme. It’s there temporarily – who cares. The secret is, the more power you resign from yourself and give to a few – the worse it gets.

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In America, we have two really big parties. In each election, each of those parties win something like 47–52% of the vote, at least in recent memory. However, if you add up all the losing parties (the big loser, plus all the little ones), I bet it’s true that the majority of Americans pretty much always voted against the winner (or abstained, which is still a not-vote for the winner). As such, we almost always get a president or other leaders that are as you describe, @Harold.

In a perfect world, all people would get off their butts and vote, but that would require them to (1) care, and (2) educate themselves on the issues. If they can’t be arsed to do that, well, it’s said that people get the government they deserve.

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Of course, since the voting is rigged here in America, getting off our lazy butts and going out to vote rarely accomplishes anything.

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Governments are neither good nor bad, it’s the people in them that counts. Even a communist government could be good but the people controlling them eventually end up as dictators. Not good. The beauty of any democratically elected government is that you can change those people. That doesn’t insure success but rather provides the opportunity for success. The key is an involved electorate. An informed electorate is even better. If those in power are not doing the will of the people, get rid of them. We are going through such a process here in the states right now.

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It doesn’t matter what the laws are or who the people vote into power. One lonely judge can override the majority vote whenever they freakin’ feel like it.

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You’re right in some respects. But that makes it even more important who you vote into power. Court appointments, especially Supreme Court, are one of the presidents greatest powers. Presidents serve 4 years, 8 if they’re good. Justices serve for life and will influence the laws for many decades. It does matter who you vote for and/or against.

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Democracy is the absolute worst form of government.

(except for all the others that have been tried)

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@everybody- I think a lot of people don’t realise that voting is compulsory here in Aus. Therefore, we get ignorant people who know nothing about the way the country is run voting because they’ll get fined if they don’t. The end result is a government like the fools we have now.

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If men had honor there would be no need for goverrnment.

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I didn’t know that. We don’t have a mandatory voting system but still get the same result.

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@Jaxk – Fair enough!!

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Lost faith when I found out that war and money (military-industrial complex) decides whether we send human beings to kill and be killed by other human beings.

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