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Happy Friday! How do Fridays affect your work or school habits?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) September 10th, 2010

So, it’s the last work and school day of the week (at least for most)!

How does a Friday affect your mood during work/school? Do you do things a little differently (slack off a little, act happier…)? Do you have a certain tradition that you do? Do you go completely nuts and do as little work as possible? Are others around you different on Fridays? How much do you look forward to Fridays? Do you often get out of work/school early?

Even if you don’t work or go to school on Fridays, do you feel a little different?

Or is Friday just another day to you?

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Well before I started college and before I started working retail…I use to love Fridays! Fridays use to be my favorite days! Now my favorite days are the days when I can sleep in past 10.

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Friday is important because it signifies the end of the work week. I look forward to Friday evenings.

I don’t usually stop work early.

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Fridays, actually, are some of my busiest days – I have a longer work-day and get to talk to a lot more patients. Generally, I do yoga on Fridays, as well and the only thing that’s different is that after yoga, sometimes, my husband and I go out on a date for a dinner or something.

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Extremely poorly.

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It puts me in a good mood knowing I’ll have a couple of days off work.

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hoping I’m on the right train of thought….!

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^ Lost me.

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Very little, because my working week varies and is not always Monday – Friday.

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Friday is when me and mom go maybe to do a little window shopping or stuff like that. Right now we just came home so Fridays we both get some freedom from school work and get to eat good dinner together right now she’ s cooking some steak as am talking

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It’s the same ,
on the weekends
as the rest
of the days.


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I used it as an excuse to enjoy 2 Smirnoffs over lunch, work went swimmingly after that!

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people tip soooo much better on fridays!!!!!

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Friday is the day I take a two hour bus ride to babysit. Today I’m sick, so I get the day off!

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I love Fridays because it means pizza. For the last 30 years or so, my family has had pizza for supper every Friday night. For the last 15 or 20, it’s been my mom’s homemade pizza. I, personally, like Papa Murphy’s pizza, but my friends beg to stay after piano lessons (my best friend’s mom is our piano teacher, and we get together and have lessons together at my house) on Fridays for the pizza. My piano teacher has started this tradition and thinks she’ll never have it anywhere close to as nice as my mom’s, even though she uses the same recipe. It’s cool.

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Nope, same as every other day.

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