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What's the best company you've ever worked for or done business with?

Asked by Poser (7800points) March 27th, 2008

Just curious. What stories do you have of great management or business practices in the companies with which you’ve interacted. We always hear of the other side of the story. How about some good ones?

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I worked for Starbucks for two years and got to shift supervisor. The money was insufficent for independent living in California but the environment and conduct was remarkable. My manager has held the position of “Riser’s favorite boss” since. I still visit the store on a regular basis and enjoy the company of my old “partners.”

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REI. It’s such a great company to work for! I always felt that the company cared about me and that it did a great job of connecting with the local community through outreach and getting people involved in a healthy lifestyle. REI is a co-op, and that alone makes customers feel good about buying from them (even if they don’t know what a co-op is). The customer service at REI that I have experienced (both as customer and employee) is unrivaled by any other company I have dealt with. I’ve returned used boots, sleeping bags, clothing, backpacks – all for various legitimate reasons, and each time I either got a full refund or a brand new product. Lifetime return policy – great way to do business. I don’t work there anymore, so I’m not trying to do any kind of shameless plug for REI – I’ve just never had a bad experience with them.

Oh yeah, great employee discounts!

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I can honestly say that the company I work for now is the best I’ve ever worked for. It’s a dog boarding place called Camp K-9 of Marin. They practice positive reinforcement with the dogs AND the employees. It’s very friendly and a lot of fun to work there.

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the NHS. I started at the very bottom and they offered support and training that allowed me to get qualifactions and make good progress. It gets a lot of bad press but I found it great. But like any big organisation it all depends on the local management…

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the NHS, I’m a psyciatric nurse and my employers treat me well, I like my bosses and all the staff are great, good pay, good pension, plus perks

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Surprisingly, General Mills,

Great benefit program at the time, I received several promotions while I was there. Left due to sale of the division where I worked to a somewhat less than stellar management.


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Ben and Andrew are the best people in the world to work with! And nothing is more fun than working for a startup.

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I have always been in the private education business, which I have loved. And as far as DBW, LLBEAN never asks questions, repairs, replaces and keeps me coming back for more.

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Wegmans grocery stores. I would move back to Western New York just so I could shop there. There is a welcome, friendly, relaxed, clean feeling when you enter a Wegmans, any location. It’s unlike all the other SuperMarkets. I just wish Neil Golub of Price Chopper and Danny Wegman didn’t have to sign a deal that they wouldn’t cross boundaries, keeping Wegmans out of Upstate NY.

I’ve heard that they are one of the best employers too. Teenagers who work there for a certain amount of time are eligible for a scholarship from the store also. When I visit, I often go there for dinner instead of a restaurant. I keep my wegmans card on my keyring, just in case. =P

@gailcalled: I think a package from LLBean arrives at my mother’s house every other day, not including the trips she makes to the recently-opened store location.

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@row; I have a Price Chopper here that is finally trying. There is a much bigger organic produce and meat section but it hurts the populace w. small incomes.

And that’s why your mom shops at Beans. The catalogs are enticing, the sizing for all- not just anorexic models (Like J Crew), the jeans don’t shrink, and everything lasts for years.. Sorry that the store is so close. I hope that she has a trust fund and the sizes of all her children.

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LL Bean is a great company. I once purchased a pair of hiking ( trail runner) shoes on line for a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park, Utah and Colorado. I literally put miles and miles on them, and the sole came unglued while in Colorado. When I got home I called them, and they sent me a brand new pair….no questions. I was really impressed!

We have also received good customer service from Dell and Apple. Apple has gotten worse since the iphone came out.

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Despite all the negative publicity towards the abuse and treatment of employees… And the deprived benefits and health care… I stand up and say that the turkey that sticks its neck ou is always a target…
Wal-Mart is a great company to
work for. Benefits are outstanding compared to the competition…. Pay is above the average… And Sam Waltons philosophy of “respect for the individual” makes an above and beyond culture for everyone involved…. Don’t believe the negative press…. They didn’t become the largest reatailer in the world by treating there associates like trash….

negative press… Walk-Mart is

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the best company i have dealt with is iRobot. I had a broken robot. I figured i overused it and burnt out the motor. I contacted them to order a replacement motor. They asked my address and sent me a brand new machine, asking me to send back the old one. I was so impressed at this reaction as I had been dealing with Nokia for the past 6 months attempting to have a phone repaired and it was polar opposite from the service iRobot gave me.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with iRobot. I do love robots and will highly recommend their products to anyone.

P.S. I agree with mzgator as to the service apple provides being worse, although it does depend on the genius that you work with. Their phone support is superior.

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Don’t ever start your own business. I can tell you from experience, the problem with being self-employed is that your boss is a complete JERK. No vacation, paychecks are late, long hours, you never get promoted, he listens to everybody else first. . .

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Hossman: Read Timothy Ferris’ “The Four Hour Work Week” It changed my life.

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