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Do i have a label?

Asked by cantescapefate (35points) September 12th, 2010

Well, i dont think i have a label but idk. I always get put with emo or goth or loner. Just because i have natural black hair and i like to wear a black jacket. I’ve had people ask if i cut my wrists, and well i dont and it dosent bug me that much but i just wanna know??

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So your hair is black and you wear a black jacket, and because of those minor and inconsequential details, everyone automatically assigns an arbitrary and fabricated designation to you: a human being, a creature that can hardly be described by such simple terms?


I tell you what, as a 20 year old who once went through the whole silly highschool labeling thing, take it from me: it really doesn’t matter. Just be cantescapefate and disregard whatever simplistic and puerile term that might be assigned to you.

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It shouldn’t matter. Labels don’t mean anything in the real world.

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Just shrug it off. You’ll find that the older you get, the less these things matter to you.

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A right leaning leftist with centralist views, ass hole or know it all.

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I don’t know, do you? How would we know what fits for you?

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