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What does it mean when a guy stares in your eyes for a really long time?

Asked by cantescapefate (35points) September 12th, 2010

What does it mean when a guy stares in your eyes for a really long time?Ok well this happened twice and i dont know what it means, Please Help! When I talk to someone i like to make eye conact, but i was talking to this guy in my class but all of a sudden he was staring in my eyes(for like a really long time) and he wasn’t moving or talking . Then like 2 or 3 mintues later i turned around and he was still staring. The second time it was a different guy and he did the excatly the same thing and everyday i catch him staring at me, What does it mean????? Plz help sorry for it being so long

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It means he either likes you in a good, nice, sweet way or he likes you in a kind of, creepy, stalkerish way. How does is make you feel when he does it? What’s the vibe, so to speak? That may give you a sense of what it means when these particular guys stare at you. Either that or you’re just so beautiful that they can’t keep their eyes off of you. Who knows?

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Yes, probably need a bit more information and don’t worry I don’t think your question was too long at all!

What was the conversation about?
Do you know these guys quite well?
Do you like this guy?
What was the feeling you got?

I’d hedge my bets on the fact that he likes you anyway! I don’t think people stare at people for that length of time without there being some attraction…

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He thinks that you look like someone he knows and can’t figure out who it is.
He is not in love with you, he does not find you fascinating or attractive. He just can’t think of the name.
Or he is looking in your directon and just zoning out competely.

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@Trillian gosh that’s a bit harsh…he really might be attracted to her…this can’t be ruled out surely??

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When you don’t know a guy

A guy might stare because he thinks you’re beautiful. However, if he’s socialized well, he probably knows staring isn’t nice, and he’ll try to look only when you’re not looking.

On the other hand, some women do respond to a stare by staring back, and then the guy feels like they’ve got a connection and he’ll try to pick her up. It can be a game sometimes, when it’s like this.

Then there are guys who just have no clue about how they might be making a woman feel, and they just stare in a kind of carnivorous way. They just want to bag you and don’t realize that relationships are not a game. It’s kind of psychopathic.

In conversation

Some people have been taught that it is proper to maintain constant eye contact during conversation. Looking away is the sign of a liar. So the guy may be someone who was taught this.

It could also be a kind of dominance game. If he stares at you and you look away first, he may feel like he’s got power over you. I don’t know. It doesn’t really make sense to me, but maybe it works.

If you’re talking to a “starer,” I would not take it personally. I’d just try to look him in the eye in a kind of unfocused way. That way you can stare at his eyes while still being able to think about what you are saying.

I’ve been in situations, usually when I’m with a woman I think is very attractive, and I have a hard time taking my eyes off her. I have a hard time thinking. I’m thinking about her more than I’m thinking about the task at hand. I wish I could tell her “I am really attracted to you,” and then let it go at that. But even if that were socially acceptable, it would not be acceptable in my work place. It would create a toxic workplace or something.

Last time I was attracted to a client, I got into her personal space (not on purpose, but because I had to do something at my desk and she was close to it) and when I looked up, into her eyes, I saw they were fluttering very rapidly. I wondered if that was a sign she was also attracted to me. Not that it matters. I’m married. But still, I wonder.

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@wundayatta I do love your answers…

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@lynneblundell Vy tank you, my deah! :-)

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I think it is impolite to stare and it can make people feel uncomfortable so I don’t do it. I would feel uncomfortable if I tried it.

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