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In an earlier post I asked about monster teachers, now how about classmates that made school life a misery for you?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21515points) September 12th, 2010

There is nothing worse than cruelty and mockery coming from children. I will never till my dying day forget certain events that I experienced at school. School can be a nightmare because of certain kids who must be born evil, there is no other explanation? Care to share?

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I remember while in jr. high, there was this one girl that really did not like me for whatever reason. She taunted and teased me daily. One day I said something back to her and she told me, ‘I’ll see you after school’. That day I couldn’t leave school fast enough and when she caught up with me, she kick my butt and threw me in the snow. I should mention her name here but I’m afraid the bitch may still be lurking around and I wouldn’t want her coming after me again. I don’t care if it was 50 years ago.:~(

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It was horrible I was treated miserably all throughout school. There was nothing that I could do about it. I did get into verbal and physical fights. There was one incident where two girls were throwing softballs at me, and I ended beating one of them with a bat. I was in 6th grade.
The girls mom tried to file charges on me, but thank god the school had cameras and my attack was proven to be self defense, and I was suspended for a month, and her and the other girl were expelled

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K L and J W. But I forgave them long ago.

And besides, they turned into drunken fat slobs (albeit wealthy beyond rich).

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Kids at junior school shaped how I am today. I don’t care to share though.

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