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What do you do for a living?

Asked by interweb (319points) September 13th, 2010

I’ve always been curious to what professions the Fluther community might hold. So tell me forum, what do you do for a living?

…job, career, etc
Do you enjoy working there and why?
“Never regret anything, because at one time or another, it was exactly what you wanted”

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You’ve always been curious? Didn’t you join last week and isn’t this your first q ever?
I work as a Patient Navigator for the American Cancer Society – kind of like a social worker for patients in chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

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I’m the GM a TV Station.

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Yes that is true, however, I’ve been a fan of this site before acquiring this account. Sorry ._.

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I am currently unemployed, but I’m working on a bachelor’s degree, which I plan on using to obtain a PhD one day. I used to work at a chain office supplies store. I learned to manage money very well early on, and I also got a few large scholarship checks that I got to pocket, so I basically live comfortably off my own savings while attending school for free. I do odd jobs occasionally to supplement my income, and I’m planning on getting a job next semester when my work load decreases.

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@interweb No need to apologize, whatsoever. Welcome!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir; Thank you for what you do. Someone like you made my journey through a very unhelpful system bearable when I negotiated those choppy waters 11 years ago. Just sayin’.

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I do in-home hospice care.

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@JilltheTooth I’m honored. Thank you.

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I’m an investor relations officer for a global conglomerate (which sounds more evil than what it is), though I’m currently looking for a position in equity research at an investment bank.

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I’m a writer and editor.

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Lawyer, with a focus in employee benefits and executive compensation, particularly in the bankruptcy context (which is exactly as evil as it sounds ;-)).

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Librarian and literature teacher at a community college

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I am in teaching.

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job = “Computer programmer”

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I’m an undergraduate English Literature major. Currently, I am cramming for my graduate exams. My intention is to get an MA (and possibly a PHD) in Children’s Literature. I’m open to a variety of options for a future career, but writing is my primary choice and has been since I was a kid. Teaching keeps diving on and off my list. My professors keep sparking daydreams.

Last week, I had my first job interview for a tutoring position at my university’s writing center. I don’t want to jinx myself, but I think I will get the job.

Welcome to Fluther!

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I’m a registered nurse. Right now I work at a doctor’s office as needed. I prefer working at a hospital though and can’t wait to get back to it.

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I’m a retired dentist. Now I am a stay at home wife and mother. I hated working. I liked a good result, but I always worked at large group practises where it was hurry, hurry. I had panic attacks.

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I am a Professional Sponge and Investor.

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I am an attorney; I took early retirement from a large corporation.

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I’m an attorney by qualification, but don’t practice anymore, i hate law. I now own several barbershops with my husband and my dad. It’s alright as far as jobs go – i work from home, with my husband, and my time is my own and very flexible and i have no boss.

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Massage Therapist.

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I’m a full-time Psychology student who works occasional bar shifts at a hotel when they need extra staff. It’d be nice to have a more reliable source of income as my loan just covers my rent and bills but work’s work.

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I’m a retired civil servant.
Welcome to Fluther.

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I get an education. I live currently off financial aid and student loans as I’m not in a position to work regularly. On the plus side, I paint a lot more now.

Previously, I worked for an AT&T Dealers as an Account Manager handling personal and business accounts.

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Machinist. And I moonlight as a professional pain in the ass.

I like both jobs. I take pride in my work, whether it be precisely cutting metal or precisely shredding some idiot’s poorly constructed argument to the delight of others.

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If we all got together…
We could rule the world!


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@ChazMaz; You mean we don’t? Damn. I was so sure.

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