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I'll be happy when...

Asked by MissA (7391points) September 14th, 2010

Fill in your vision of happiness.

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it’s ALL OVER.

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What’s it?

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When I 100% know what’s going on in my partners head.

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It stops bloody raining…..again :¬(

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Anything I want I could buy and if i didn’t own it, it was because I plain did not want ti.

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I’ll be happy when I finally win the lottery—crossing fingers—

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When I have a job and pulling in some money.

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I can hold onto my food again! :-/

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When the rains begin this spring! Weeeeee!:D (i’ve had a whole winter without rain people, it’s sad).
Generally i’m happy though, but i could be happier if i had a box of lindt truffles right now.

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When… Where ever I go it resembles Disney World, and cartoon characters brake out in song and dance ;)

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my surgery is over.

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…i AM happy now.

Been a long time coming but happy to say i am finally content.

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I finally get a job.

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I’ll be happy when I can finally let go of my internal demons and learn to live with myself as I am. At some point, I have to quit crying about what I can’t be and just shut up and accept that I will be physically attractive without surgery. (Facially, that is. I can do something about the rest of my body. Not that I’ve done that work for a while.)

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…when I decide to be so.

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my husband gets home for R&R and then again when he gets home for good!

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I’m pretty impatient,so I’ve decided to be happy now ;)

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I will be happy when Obama leaves office and our country is once-again being lead by a person the people can respect, trust and believe in.

Obama should have kept his silence, concerning the mosque location and New York City. has he not heard of “the separation between church and state”?

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I live in the moment and choose to be happy with the cards I am dealt. I have an ace in the hole though I am dying to play. ;)

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I can finally let go of this delusion that is making me unhappy.

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…if somebody can tell me how to be more happy than I already am.

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CRUD! Typo there: ” I will be physically attractive without surgery” should be: I will not be physically attractive without surgery.” Geez, type much?

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Now! And tomorrow. And the next day after that, for as long as I can remain here with my children, lover and friends.

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I can pay for my kids’ educations.

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I can look at my grandchild(ren) lying in the crib and feel that no more beautiful being ever existed.

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When I can kick back in a leather chair, light up a Gurkha Warlord, read a book, and truly know that the quirky manic pixie artsy dream girl in black lingerie in the next room truly loves me too.

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when Bob makes me a sandwich!

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I’ll be happy when…...medical science finds a cure for diabetes.

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I’m happy now, content, and….woo hoo, sitting here chatting with my painter while he paints my walls a crazy, cool metallic brown. Lookin’ good!

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I’m with @Coloma, I’m already happy. But I will be happier when all my debts are paid. Probably won’t happen till I’m dead or some time from now. :(

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I get lunch.

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@wundayatta Yes, its amazing how a full tummy can make us happy. LOL, I’m with you on this one. I’m hungry too.

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@BoBo1946 Good luck with the surgery! :-)

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I’m on that plane!

I am going on trip to America in two days but I am finding it very difficult to get excited as I am so worried about things going wrong that I can’t enjoy the fact that I have an amazing lined up!

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@Leanne1986 You’ll forget all those worries once you are in the air on the way to your destination. Keep us posted on all the fun things you are doing. Wish you had been on the east coast, but I think you will have lots of things to see/do on the west coast.

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@chyna Thank you, it’s a dream holiday, I just want to know that it definately happening!

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@Leanne1986 I, too, find, that the holiday feeling doesn’t start until I’m on the plane. Then the worries fade and the excitement begins.

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@janbb Glad I’m not the only one!

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@bob_ thank you my friend…I’m looking forward to walking and playing golf without pain.

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When I finish my Bachelor’s degree and can finally have that sense of accomplishment. When I start drawing, playing piano/violin/singing, and writing again. When I am able to be surrounded by friends and family in my own place.

When I can accept who I am and truly love myself and all of my faults. And then find someone who will do the same.

And when I can finally be Indiana Jones.

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I’ll be happy when I’ve reached my own standards of how a person should be.

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@tragiclikebowie loll…Indiana Jones…

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Mine’s similar to @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard
I’ll be happy when my man can sit in a big leather chair, wrapped in a plush spa terry robe and slippers, content with a double old fashioned of scotch and me dressed in lingerie, walking through the house adding water to vases of flowers and swaying to our favorite music.

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@Neizvestnaya, wanna get married?

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard: will you accept to play 2nd fiddle? If the man doesn’t ask me first before too long then I’ll be all yours :)

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@Neizvestnaya, alright, sounds like a plan!

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when ; I’m back at work! :-/

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I know that the world is truly a better place for me having existed and I can take a day off, strip down to the bare necessities, and spend a day painting (abd getting covered in paint) without feeling guilty about it.

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Wondering what @delirium is using as a brush to paint with..nekked.

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I’m pretty damn happy now. I’ll be happier once I’ve paid off some debts and acquired health insurance. I’d be happier still if I were pain free. And happiest of all when I know my children have reached adulthood, and are happy, too.

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…I stop constantly fretting over whether or not I will ever be happy.

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…I figure out what will make me happy.
That’s a catch22 paradox, isn’t it? .I’m in trouble.

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