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Which rock album do you think is better from the 60's?

Asked by Hawkeye (1250points) September 15th, 2010

Beach Boys Pet Sounds or The Beatles Sgt Pepper or another. I’m going for Pet Sounds

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They both are incredible efforts from back at that time. I personally think the Beatles broke more new ground and covered a wider spectrum of songwriting and musical dynamics than the Beach Boys but not by a whole lot. Both are must own albums.

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The Beatles, hands down.

I’m not saying that the Beach Boys didn’t do great work during that time period. However, the Beatles were way more innovative from both musical and production perspectives.

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Beatles, for exactly why @YoBob says. I never thought Brian Wilson was the musical genius he’s been called (sorry, Beach Boys fans).

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I would have picked The Doors (by the Doors).

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Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane!

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@loser Another great one!

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I don’t know the beach Boys album but I love Sgt Peppers, it’s my fave of all the Beatles albums, so I will go with that one anyway.

And add Beggar’s Banquet – Rolling Stones.

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Sgt Peppers.

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Why have to pick which is my favorite child? I love them all in different ways.

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I really don’t like the Beach Boys, but I agree that Pet Sounds is a great album.
Paul McCartney said that Pet Sounds was a huge influence on Sgt.Pepper.
Brian Wilson then tried to one up the Beatles, with Smile, and ended up blowing a brain gasket.

Sgt. Pepper ftw.

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Pet Sounds!

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@marinelife @loser

Those are two of my favorite albums from that decade.
Another one of mine is “Are You Experienced?” by Jimi Hendrix.

If you’re interested, I’ve asked a related question at

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Beatles has my vote.

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Holy cow, I can’t choose between these two. I love both albums, and both bands, equally. They form part of the foundation of my musical education and love. Both albums were very important, but I think of Pet Sounds as being the more revolutionary one.

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