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Why do you think you like the kind of music you like?

Asked by wundayatta (58625points) February 3rd, 2009

I like jazz, and world music, and a bit of classical. I find them very interesting, and there are no words (which I can never understand). There’s usually a lot going on inside these kinds of music, either structurally, or sonically.

I find the song structure (found in rock and folk) to be more likely to bore me. Things are often the same, even to the point of using maybe two pitches in the entire piece. The same chords are repeated over and over, as well as the same rhythms. I keep wishing they would go somewhere else, but it doesn’t, and I get somewhat frustrated.

Why kind of music do you like? Why do you like it? This is about personal preference with no judgements about other people’s taste (I hope).

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Because sometimes it scratches the etch inside my brain.

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I like it all, I have music ADD. Just watch me listen to my iPod…every thirty seconds, a new tune.

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I like all kinds of music. I find that my mood and/or what I am doing at the time is the most likely determinant of what I will enjoy.

The one thing I seem to enjoy in all my music is heavy rhythm. Simple or not. I especially love it when it builds up.


U2’s With or without you

Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King

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I really like all types of music. It just depends on the mood that I am in. If I’m in a mellow mood, it’ll be blues. If I’m working around the house, it’s usually rap. I find rap to be energizing. If I’m driving, I tend to stick with classic rock. It reminds me of the carefree days, driving around as a teenager.

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Carl Jung, a famous psychiatrist during Freud’s time, stated that we all have autonomous archetypes, complete personalities much like independently-acting people or creatures within our subconcious minds. I’ve found that a person’s archetypes can be discerned through one’s musical taste.

My musical tastes are 90’s alternative because I have an archetype that is a primitive & loves the beat of rock & another that is an artist & loves creative melodies.

You may have an archetype personifying a foreign country resulting in your enjoyment of World music, another archetype with class & refined taste due to your love of classical, & an additional New Orleans or Speakeasy-style archetype that loves jazz.

You’ve got to be an interesting person since you have subconcious personalities that cover such a wide spectrum: foreign, classy, & laid- back!

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I like different types of music, too, and yes, my mood determines what I want to listen to at the time. I don’t do country, rap, heavy metal or hard rock. To me, that’s not music, it’s just noise. I like the 50’s on up to today. I like blues. Blues is good when you’re had a rita or two. You just mellow out, LOL.

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Autonomous archetypes, eh? Sounds… well sounds a bit wacky to be honest. Then again, welcome to psychology.

I love all types of music. I never say any genre that I enjoy because there is no genre I can confidently say I enjoy all of the music in, as I have not listened to all of said music. I’ll listen to pretty much anything. Except a lot of rap, which I simply don’t find appealing at all.

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I love many different kinds of music.

I love classical music and within classical, my favorite is baroque. I find it inspiring and uplifting. It speaks to my soul. Bach is my favorite.

I love jazz. By that I do not mean Kenny G-type elevator music. The complexities of jazz melodies and riffs seem so cool they are hot. I like a wide range of jazz from Waters of March by Jobim to early Miles Davis and lots in between and around. In a class of his own: Duke Ellington.

I also enjoy world music. The rhythms seem very close to the earth and nature.

I go through periods in which I really enjoy folk music. There, the message given wings of melody is what appeals to me. Such as Both Sides Now and Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell.

I love musicals.

I love rock and roll. I like to listen to it as night in car alone at top volume. Some of my favorites: Queen, Heart, The Allman Brothers Band, Crosby, Still & Nash (I don’t think Young was an improvement.)

I also like big band music (played by my dad during my childhood). Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Gene Krupa.

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I listen to most genres of music, but ultimately I’m a rock and roll girl. I like driving beats and music you can feel in the air, beneath your feet, and in your chest. Give me loud NIN or some old RHCP any day.

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I like music from all genres
including country, rap and opera.
People like to exclude those three for some reason.

Though the two genres I’m drawn to
the most are punk (Operation Ivy, The Fall…)
and goth (Tones on Tail, Death in June…).

Well, that’s not entirely true either.

A surprising number of music I’m drawn to
happens to fall into these two categories.

There is plenty of punk and goth
music that falls flat for me.

Trying to explain why I like the music that I like by breaking down
the commonalities within a genre wouldn’t cover the subtler nuances.
But I haven’t a clue how to explain said nuances.


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@Nimis – Its funny when I went to think about the question and looked at my collection I kept adding music types.

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Looking through my iTunes, which is not a complete representation of my music, but probably a good sampling of music that i like it looks like my top three genres of preference are:

Two things that really resonate with me are powerful voices (think Christina Aguilera or Eminem) and piano, but my tastes are really across the board.

I think that music really does resonate through our soul and that the tonality of our soul changes with our mood and environment. That’s why a clear bell can either sound beautiful or annoying depending on what you are doing or your state of mind.

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I like classical and jazz. Mostly because the tripe they play on commercial radio is either: whiny wants to be rock but can’t quite pull it off, or: repetitive music from thirty years ago. Classical and jazz has depth, and complexity, and most pieces go on for longer than 2 and a half minutes. A good friend writes his own symphonies and his abilty to move my moods with his work astounds me. Rock music (all genres) is over rated and too limited in its scope.

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Does anyone like spooky music, tunes that are eerie and beckoning? I listen to Federico Aubele because the melodies are so compelling even though I don’t understand the Spanish lyrics! Does anyone else listen to music in a language they don’t understand?

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Yeah, I listen to spooky stuff, but can’t think of anything right off the top of my head, other than Land of the Dead by Rachmaninov. There is Midnight Syndicate and Nox Arcana, which are composed expressly for Halloween buffs. As for music in a language I don’t understand, I like Mariachi music, but I don’t understand spanish.

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Along those same lines, I like Bob Dylan, but can’t understand…umm…English

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I see that this is an old question, relatively speaking, but I will answer it anyways as it is up my alley so to speak .Wundayatta, you ask not what kind of music I like, you ask, why do I think I like it. I have a pretty broad range of musical preferences. I like rock, folk, blues, jazz, world music (for lack of a better term), classical. I also like what I call fusion music…it’s like fusion cuisine…a nice blend of influences creating something completely new and yet strangely familiar. For instance, Folk-Rock as in The Waifs (I saw them open for Bob Dylan in New York, amazing) Oi-Va-Voi (klezmer-gypsy-trance) and Newgrass such as Crooked Still. To boil it down, I could say, I like songs and music rich in emotional content, I don’t analyze the rhythms or structure because I don’t understand music in that way. I like a repetition in a song that builds to a climax and I like songs that alter tempo and volume and have bursts of all out intensity. (think piano coda in Layla by Eric Clapton) I like refined and lyrical contrasted with raw and rough. I guess I look for that feeling of transcendance. I ask alot, huh?

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