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Jellies, are you more social (open) online than in real life?

Asked by Mama_Cakes2 (1446points) September 16th, 2010

Compare the two.

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I am a blast in all my incarnations. I’m generally happy that people that I end up meeting off line say that my online persona is a pretty good match. I’m generally sad when they say that it’s generally not the case (and then proving the point by the way they act).

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Absolutely. I’m a total wallflower in real life.

Social anxiety, shy, blah blah… all of it. I live vicariously through the Internet. I’m generally okay when the social contact is happening under my control though – like a party at my house. I’m a great hostess, not so great a guest or a participant.

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I am the same in real life and on the Internet I think. I don’t know, ask janbb or augustlan.

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I am more social in real life :)
I really hate typing.Just ask Vunessuh

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I’m about the same.

I “yap” more online because it’s the way to make things most clear. If I were actually in a group talking with people, inflection and visual cues would lessen the need for me to speak as much.

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I’m way more sociable in the “real world.” I mean i’m not going to kiss any of you, now am I? Other than that, what you “see” is what you get. Yeah I really am this immature XD

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I have terrible social anxiety, so I avoid going out into social situations as much as I can. Strangely, once I am in a social situation.. I usually open right up. I guess getting there is the real problem for me, but in person? I talk too much. Just like I do online. :)

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I am like @TheOnlyNeffie . She explained it well.

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I’m probably more social in real life. On here you can’t read body language or inflections, so it makes it a little harder to communicate.

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I’m exactly the same in real life, outgoing, social, humorous, zero social anxiety, comfortable in any situation, although I also enjoy my space and peace.

No discrepancies between my online personality and real life, I’m pretty well integrated. lol

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I’m with @Adirondackwannabe on this. I’m much more reserved here, without nonverbal cues I lose a lot of communication edge.

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I share more information online, so yes I think i’m more open on here. I don’t talk to people in real life about what things I like my partner to say to me in bed, and how often I have sex, and what my favorite position is. lol.

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I’m pretty much the same online and in person. I might take a few minutes to get comfortable with meeting a new person, but once I’m comfortable, I can be very social (and talkative).

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I’m the same here and in real life. I love people…and hope it shows!

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I am very reserved in real life. There are very few people I trust enough to be myself in front of them. However, I become very outgoing and talkative when someone brings up a topic of interest or something that pisses me off. Then, whoa. Look out.

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Pretty much the same, although you can’t really tell online when I’m in a quiet mood. I once asked my younger son to read one of my party threads and said that he might be a bit surprised at my Fluther voice. He said that he couldn’t imagine being surprised at anything I might say!

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@BoBo1946 I believe that it does. :)

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If I could somehow channel myself into digital data (while still feeling as I do in physical life) I would. Does that answer your question?

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@TheOnlyNeffie thank you Nef….you are a “good egg” also!

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I do notice I’m more mellow appearing on here. I don’t type as fast as I speak, so I sometimes consider my message a little more than I do in real life. I’m much more likely to tell someone go f**k yourself or flip the bird in real life.

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I’m a little more open online than offline, but there’s not too big a difference. I think it mainly comes down to my feeling more comfortable articulating myself through written word than verbal communication.

But it sure is easier to hide my neuroses online than in person.

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@BoBo1946 :)

@muppetish lol, there is no hiding from my neuroses… but I agree that sometimes it is easy to feel more confident when typing something out. You have the option to go back and check what you’ve written, you can even delete it completely and not say anything at all if you like. That is a nice perk.

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I am the same online as in real life. I just love socialising, listening, having fun… and hopefully being helpful at times.

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Social life on the weekends for me, I’m far too busy through the week, I’m just having a little break now as it happens :-/

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Well, in my life outside of Fluther, it depends – here when I interact, I choose to do so but in other aspects of my life, I can appear closed up but that’s because I don’t want to deal with people and situations unless I’m willing.

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@BoBo1946 Yes of course it shows…. in your every answer :-)))))))

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@partyparty thank you Sweet !

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I’m fairly shy in both. I chat with people more on fluther, like in chat, but I don’t reveal personal things to many people online or in real life. A handful of people in both know me on a personal level.

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I’d go with pretty much the same in both settings, other than in a work environment. I’m more likely to censor myself there.

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I talk more in real life and I “talk” less on Fluther.But in real life most of the time a talk nonsense just not to attract attention on me(in my school quiet people are always in the center of attention)and on Fluther I talk most of the time what I really think so I’ll say I’m more social on Fluther.

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When I first saw this question, I was sure that my real life and virtual personas were the same, and then I really started to think about it. While I’m completely out of the closet in regards to my sexuality in both cases, I’m very protective of my bipolar diagnosis in real life. I think it’s because I’ve actually lost more friends when I tell them I’m bipolar than I lost when I told them I was gay. So, in the end, I have to say that I’m more open socially online at least about my mental illness than I am in real life.

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I’m open and outgoing in both real life (socially) and online. The only places I’m more reserved is at work and with my biological family.

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Pretty much. I’m shy and quiet in real life, unless I’m with friends. I just won’t shut up. I know not the meaning of balance. Guess one thing’s gotta compensate for another.

Wouldn’t say I’m ’‘social’’ online though, rather than just really rude and crass most of the time.

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No, I’m more social on the other side of the screen.

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I am actually about even really.

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I’m probably one of the most honest people I know (if in fact I do know myself) and I show that very much here on Fluther, since I’m not real interested too much in FB, ect… I feel as though I can really say just about anything I want with no real consequences. In person, I consider myself quite shy and quiet. That is until someone brings up something of interest to me, then I converse. It’s pretty close to being the same. Physically being there, just takes me longer to warm up to said stranger.

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The same. I do not say anything here I wouldn’t say to someone in person. Same with topics, any topic I ask questions about or answer on here are the only ones I would be comfortable with during a real conversation with someone in person.

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It may sound weird but I could be more open in real life than online, I talk a lot more. I tend to be distracted on the internet. So I would say I am more open in real life. You could ask the jellies that I recently met when I went to California. I think I may have scared them, because they got to really experience my crazy.

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Totally. In real life I’m cautious about not dominating a conversation, or of appearing self-centred. Online… Well, you can just skip this if you like.

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