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Is suicide really that bad?

Asked by AloraCrimson (503points) June 24th, 2017

Why is suicide so wrong?

What if someone doesn’t have a family at all, or is suffering from a terminal illness? Is it still wrong if someone feels like they have nothing else to live for? Why is it considered so wrong? I understand it is painful for people who have loved ones—- but what about the folks who don’t have anybody?

Or a person who is elderly, at the end of their life, and chooses to die the way they want to?

Or someone who feels like they are ready to move onto the next phase…?

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What is your thoughts on suicide? I don’t think it is painless. Someone somewhere is going to hurt if someone commits suicide.

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That reasoning could be twisted to murdering those down on their luck. Asian beliefs are positive for Japanese suicide hari kari. The saying that everyone has value is a platitude. Everyone has their ups and downs. I match most of your conditions and I wonder if I can die sometimes, But I’m not finished with this life and I will go kicking and screaming to the afterlife. I’ve killed myself several times and I wake up in the past . Like Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day so I can’t successfully give up. I’m trapped and the only way up is to succeed an win this game. I want to see how life plays out.

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What if someone doesn’t have family at all though, or loved ones?

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@AloraCrimson Your making me feel bad about my situation. You can make loved ones by having children and add one to your family by marriage plus your spouses family. I only have regular contact with my mom and only have online friends from Fluther.

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@RedDeerGuy1 What is your situation? I’m sorry if I said anything that touched a nerve with you. Marry into a family to have a family. Yeah I think that’s the only option I have.

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@AloraCrimson I’m embarrassed to tell. I’m lonely too.

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I think a painfull, terminal disease is a good reason to check out. I don’t think clinical depression is. Clinical depression takes hard work to pull out of and may be recurrant, but it is managable and people who have come out of it have gone on to live good, productive and happy lives. So, no on depression.

And I don’t think whether or not the suicide has on-going close relationships with people should be a factor of consideration. Suicide is highly personal. We all die alone. Nobody is able to take that journey with us or has any experience on what to expect next. All relationships can do, in this case, is cause guilt for someone who is considering taking this action.

There is a sure-fire way to commit suicide painlessly—no fuss, no muss—but I won’t share it here.

I was suicidal for a time when I was in my early twenties. The twenties are a difficult time of adaptation, when one leaves the protection of hearth and home and embarks into a rather indifferent world. I lost some people close to me early, suddenly, and the world stopped making sense to me. It took some time and some hard work, but I did find a way to walk alone and still feel fulfilled. And I’m glad I did. I’ve had a great life, with all the ups and downs, the victories, losses, loves and heartbreaks, but the net result was very good and satisfying. Just surviving 64 years of life in pretty good shape is a victory to be proud of. I survived.

If I would have known how to do it painlessly as I do today, without leaving a mess for my family to deal with—such as a gunshot wound to the head, which isn’t always successful and can leave you at the mercy of medical workers in total care trapped in a paralyzed body—I would have done it, for sure.

And then where would I be? I would have missed my one and only chance at this wild and precious life.

So, from my own experience, I judge suicides carefully. In the end, it is really none of anyone’s business. We’d like to, but not one of us can really walk in the others shoes.

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I didn’t have any choice in being born, and I’ve spent a lot of my life raging at having been left out of that decision. When the time comes, I would like there to be a choice I might make about how I die.

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I don’t think suicide is always wrong. It’s not a black and white issue. As you mention, someone with a terminal illness might have every reason not to want to live their life out until its possibly painful end.

Personally, I’d hope I wouldn’t feel driven to suicide because I feel lonely. There are things you can do to resolve your loneliness, and family can be people who are unrelated to you but care about you.

Some people might feel driven to suicide because they have mental health problems and again, I’d hope with treatment, they might be able to move on from those feelings and find some level of happiness and peace with the world. I know there are some people who do not find mental peace, and I therefore can’t criticise them if the decide life is just too painful.

Are you feeling suicidal?

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^^ Yeah. I saw a photo on the net the other day. It was two pictures. One of a guy with his family that he grew up with next to a picture of him with his best friends. Below was written, respectively:

“My biological family” and next to that “My logical family”.

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Interns of a terminal disease, I think it’s just fine we should have the right to die when we want in those cases, but as others have pointed out in terms of depression NO.
Depression can be beaten and you go on lead a healthy productive life.

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Yeah, @Espiritus_Corvus, our ‘family’ isn’t always made up of our blood relations. The notion of ‘family’ puts so much emotional pressure on people. I was talking to someone the other day about this. We were discussing our respective ‘family’ issues and how much pain it has caused us and how for us, letting go of our blood relations has been better for our mental health than trying to remain connected.

And @SQUEEKY2, I don’t think we can say depression can be beaten. I know there are people who post here who have expressed their unhappiness with life. To my knowledge, they are receiving treatment, but it hasn’t led them to feel content with their life. They haven’t said they want to commit suicide, but they have said they’d be happy not to be living. In the past, I would have said depression can be treated, and I think in many cases it can be, but I also suspect there are some people whose depression has not been solved by medical intervention.

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You are right that all cases of depression are different ,but I personally don’t think depression is a case for suicide.
It’s not the same as a painful terminal disease, not saying that there isn’t pain with deep depression just not terminal pain.

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It depends on one’s point of view. Suicide is a most insane act but getting to the point of doing it could be the most sane.

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@Earthbound_Misfit has it right in her first post. This is not a black and white issue.
There are chronic conditions that that are not terminal that cause unbearable pain. There are horrible life circumstances that are nearly impossible to escape from (and before someone jumps on my use of the word “nearly”, recognize that the effort to escape those circumstances may well be beyond the ability of some.)
Depression may be treatable, sure, but only if you have access to treatment, not a given.

As far as others being hurt, some may indeed be hurt, but how much pain is someone morally required to endure to spare others some distress?

I am not advocating suicide, just pointing out that it is a very complex subject.

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My father committed suicide. There were a lot of things in his life that were not good. Mental issues, financial issues, health issues…a lot going on there. He felt suicide was a valid way of getting finality to all the issues. I guess it comes down to what you think happens when you die as to how viable an option death is. I always felt that there were many things he could do to change his lot in life and I tried to help him, but he didn’t want to change anything in his earthly life.
I would strongly suggest if you are contemplating suicide that you do a long look at why. Loneliness seems to be is a pretty weak reason, in my mind. Go out and do something. It doesn’t really matter what. You will likely interact with others that find interest in whatever activity it is. You can join any number of clubs to readily find others that like things that you like. I did an internet search for clubs in my area. I ended up with hundreds of options.

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