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Have you ever been to the island of Kauai?

Asked by truecomedian (3932points) September 16th, 2010

Was your time there good? What did you like about it? More important what did you not like about it, what would have made your trip better?

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Fabulous place. There are only two seasons in Hawaii-winter and summer. The Windward side of Kauai gets plenty of rain in the winter (November, December, January). But the truth is, it is always raining someplace in the islands, and not continuously. Nothing to worry about. The Leeward side is more dry, incredible in winter, hot in the summer-nothing wrong with hot.

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I heard it was a good place to visit but a hard place to live. Could be some truth to that.

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yes, the rainforests there are beautiful.

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Believe it or not, no. I hear it’s exquisite.

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I haven’t. We had originally planned on going there for our honeymoon, but we ended up going to Bonaire instead.

I’d still like to go someday. The Fodor’s book is worth reading just for the daydreams. ^_^

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I love Kauai! It has Waimea Canyon, which is called the little Grand Canyon. There are camping cabins that you can rent (about a year in advance) in the State Park.

There is Kilauea Lighthouse, where you can see fabulous waves breaking against the cliff plus all kinds of birds including albatrosses that are so heavy they can only become airborne by running off the cliffs.

You can buy guava jams and sample fresh guava at the guava plantation.

The Salt Ponds are a great place to snorkel especially for beginners.

The Spouting Horn blow hole is well worth a visit. There is a little marketplace there selling jewelry and what not.

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@marinelife @truecomedian Don’t miss/forget Duane’s Ono Burger!!

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I never cared for coconut until I went the first time. I ended up ordering every coconut dish I found, and they were all delicious!

North shore (my favorite side) has the best big waves if you like to watch those. I’ve seen (I don’t swim) most people surfing on the East. South shore is best for snorkeling since the surf is so smooth.

The only thing I might say against it is you might run out of things to do if you live there. Not much of a nightlife. It’s only 11 miles in diameter, but it can take 90 minutes to drive from the north to the south when you hit traffic in the east (Kapa’a).

Only thing (populationwise) to the west is a military base, and it’s a desert. Most of the locals seem to live in the southwest towns.

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I have vacationed 18 times there. So that says something. People are nice, weather is usually great, if it is raining where you are on the island, go to the other side of the island.

Go for a bowl of saimin at Hamura’s Saimin on Kress St.
ON the westside in Hanapepe go to the Da Imu Hut Cafe. Check first to see if they are open, they do a lot of catering.

Hang with locals one of the county beaches.

Bring a camera for all the rainbows during rainy season, winter time. Bring a camera for photo opportunities almost anywhere anytime.

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