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How much money should I take to Vegas to have a good time?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) February 2nd, 2009

I’m trying to save up some money to get out to Vegas with a group of friends sometime during spring break.

I’ve never been, and am not sure how much I should plan on spending while I’m there.

I may stay on a military installation for the cheaper rates of a hotel, and I am looking into taking a military hop to get there for free…but at the moment I am going to plan on paying for a flight and hotel. I’d probably split hotel 2–3 ways depending on who all goes.

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oh, I’ll probably be staying at most a week.

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Only as much as you are willing to lose.

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I had only really planned on playing something like Texas Hold Em…and would probably play the low tables just for fun and the free drinks. I hear you get free drinks..if you’re gambling that is.

And aside from gambling, what are some other must do activities while you’re there?

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well keep in mind, when you go to play Tx Holdem, you should bring 100x the small blind to play with. so, if its .20 bring 20 bucks.

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Remember this: your money will disappear.

Separate your cash into different sections corresponding to the day. If you blow everything on the st day, the next 6 won’t be fun. Keep money for food and shows in a locked box in the room.

Drinks, hotel, shows, buffet, it all adds up. Not to mention the hookers.

Just a tip, don’t drink the “complimentary” drinks. You lose more money when you can’t make good judgments.

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good advice zack. And I know what you mean about the poor decisions and the drinking…it’s why when I play and drink, I’ll be in the low end tables where I can only spend smaller amounts of money. But I definitely like the idea of limiting myself to only so much money per day and so on.

is food much more expensive out there? And if I do end up having to get a hotel room outside of the military base, how much should I expect to spend?

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Don’t spend beyond your means or your budget. You’ll only go home depressed and angry.

I know because I’m a victim of this.

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Depends on what the going rate is for a call girl.

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I grew up in Vegas, depends on what you want to do. If it’s outdoor activities that you are looking for, I can let you know. I grew up with the gambling and could care less about that.

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@bluefreedom- Yeah that is how they pay the huge electric bills.

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@jonsblond. I was born and raised in Las Vegas too.

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@Bluefreedom Would have been a Valley High graduate if I didn’t move to Illinois my junior year. Small world! :)

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I would have went to Bonanza or Western High if I would have stayed there. I lived close to West Charleston & Decatur. Small world indeed!

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Maryland Parkway and Hacienda for me. What year did you graduate?

at this point, does it need to be pm? Hate to irritate the gods. I mean mods :)

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@jonsblond- Hey, I’m a Valley High graduate.

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My Valley High was in Sacramento, but we were the Vikings as well.
Go Vikings. Go silver and blue!

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@Astro lol! We were red and white I believe.

the cheerleader costume is reserved for blondesjon ;)

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When I was there a few years ago, the lowest no-limit holdem game most places spread consistently was $2—$5, with a minimum buy-in of $200. It looks like more places are doing $1—$2 games now though. (information on other rooms) As far as limit, I don’t think there’s anything lower than $2—$4 typically. There are also some great tournaments if you’re into them.

I just didn’t want you going expecting the $0.25—$0.50 game and getting bummed. Enjoy the trip!

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To answer the question honestly, always plan on at least $100 per day. Hopefully that should cover it, and since you’re such a stand up guy, pm me and I can give you more specifics. Hope you have fun. Visit Lake Mead if you can and Mt. Charleston if that’s your flavor.

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$100 and then stop once that’s gone. No matter what.

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As far as hold ‘em is concerned, I think the lowest stakes you’ll find are $1/$2 as already mentioned. If you’re a beginner then I recommend you try the tournaments- you can enter for a significantly smaller sum than a standard ‘buy in’ at a cash/ring game.
And some very basic advice regarding strategy: play fewer hands (wait it out for pairs, and AK through AJ), don’t bluff too much (if at all), don’t slowplay i.e. bet or raise your big hands instead of checking/calling them, avoid playing hands which could get you in trouble- KQ,QJ,JT and lower.
This might not sound like the most enjoyable way to play but hopefully it will keep you ahead of your opponents. I guess I went off on one there… good luck!

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the question is how much money you’ll gamble. You could have a good time anywhere for a few hundred dollars, and an even better one if you gamble and win. But if you gamble and lose, and then spend the rest of the days there broke, then that will suck. And no matter how much you take, you’ll probaby lose it all.

The only advice I can give you is pay everything (such as accomodation) in advance, and then allocate an amount you are willing to lose everyday. A good idea (I’ve never gambled, but I’ve heard this from others) is to go for the slots, because you lose money slower there. Or just hang out and look at the others without playing.

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go to Red Rock and the Grand Canyon

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I would budget $100 per day to gamble and when it’s gone each day STOP gambeling for the day. You may also want to budget for a show or two also. Tickets can be well over 100.00. It wouldn’t be that hard to spend a million bucks in Vegas so you really need to budget you gambeling money and be diciplined.

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Agree with @dog, if you can’t afford to lose it don’t take it.

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I just asked my SO what they thought about this.
Also including hotel, food, drink, etc…they said about 600.00 a day.
That’s plus or minus a hundred or so depending on when you go.
But also keep in mind, my SO hasn’t missed a chance
to go to craftsteak whenever they’re in town.
That alone should set you back 100+.

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I always knew Chuck was a Valley Girl….........

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5 grand some change.

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